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I had the most awesome time dancing for Jump at the Dance Wagon 2016 at the Alvin Ailey Theater in Manhattan last weekend.  Thank you to ALL who came and supported us.  Here is a review that just came in .... and I had to share it - sorry if you receive multiple postings :))
Keep dancing


11/16/11 - Mala performs with Buglisi Dance Theater on behalf of the Coalition Against Trafficking of Women and the victims of commercial sexual exploitation at a demonstration against Village Voice Media, owners of Backpage.com for their profiting from and facilitation of sex trafficking.


11/12/11 - "Om Krishnaya Namah" a full-length student production at the Saraswati Classical Arts Festival by our Young Odissi Ensemble was fabulous.  It was covered by ITV and Vision of Asia on November 19 & 20.
9/23/11 - Odissi - An Evening of Temple Dance dancing with Priyadarshini presenting "Mokshadayini Satta" just re-visited history presenting tradition and innovation rising way above all speculation.
9/11/11 - Mala dances with 106 other dancers for the Table of Silence Project, 9/11 Remebarance at the Lincoln Center Revson Plaza by Buglisi Dance Theater - a moment of prayer, gratitude and deep revelation.
8/10/11 - Lecture Demonstration with audience participation by Mala at the Staten Island Children's Museum attended by over 100 children and parents was an absolute joy - with little boys facinated and curious by how the costume flared out into a skirt and girls wanting to touch and feel flowers and jewelry and paintd feet and hands.
6/17/11 - Samarpan '11 at Jeanne Rimsky Theater at landmark on Main Street - beautiful and soul-satisfying Odissi by ALL the dancers.  Thank you for a delightful evening.
3/24/11 - "Om Namo" Mala was presented to a packed audience by Professor Kathryn Posin at The Gallatin School of NYU in NEW unique Odissi-Ballet-Modern dance technique fusion choreography to music from the 2011 Grammy-Nominated album "Soul Call" by Chandrika Krishnamurhty Tandon. 
12/05/10 - "Mangala: The Arts of India" event was awesome - The Odissi presentation was "Kalyan" a 15 minute composition of prayer, Sanskrit poetry and pure dance - here is a clip from Raga Kalyan for your viewing:
Thank you Yong Indian Culture Group for organizing an amazing opportunity for local artists to present our traditional classical arts.  What an august gathering and occassion.
11/13/10 Saraswati Festival - our budding Odissi dancers were graceful and such a breath of fresh air - love you all.  Thank You Veena for another beautiful event.
11/07/10 - A fabulous Aarabhi Pallavi by Puja, Reva, Shivani and Tarini at the International Children's Day celebration, Elmont Memorial Theater ... Community Service for our County - way to go girls & on to the next - Jai Jagannath!
October 2010 - Mala is selected to receive the Strategic Opportunity Stipend from the New York Foundation for the Arts to work with a mentor and develop skills in contemporary dance technique and choreography.  More soon - stay tuned!

9/19/10 - Gurutattva at City Center Studios
Jaan and Mala present their unque works "Mangalarippu" and "Jati-Pall" to a captive audience gaining acclaim and applause.  Stay tuned for 3rd in the series.

8/15/10 -  Lavanya, Tarini and Shivani are just gorgeous at the Heritage India Festival

7/31/10 - Nritya Parampara - Tarini from NY intorduced by Madhumita Raut to Delhi on the Triveni Chamber Theater stage followed by a prayer to Lord Ganesh by Tarini, Preeti from Holland and Devika from Delhi. Defining the future of "Parampara" by Guru Mayadhar Raut School of Odissi Dance. What an absolute joy :)

7/23 to 31/2010 - experience of a life-time with treasured moments at Yaatra ...

6/25/10 - Samarpan '10 for a SOLD-OUT hall, neverending applause, gorgeous dancers .... loved dancing with you ALL - reliving breathless moments :) THANK YOU - Mala

6/13/10 Awesome Odissi by the girls today. Love them ALL!

5/8/10 - Odissi steals the show with Guruvandana at the Indo-Us Herricks Spring Festival. Congratulations girls.

5/1/10 - Kalanjali - Odissi was remarkable.

April 2010 Charming and gracefull Basant Pallavi by Lavanya, Tarini and Saumya at Queens Museum for the Mayors Immigrant History Week celebrations.

1/25/10 GURU MAYADHAR RAUT receives the PadmaShri Award from the President of India on Indian Republic Day celebrations. CONGRATULATIONS to Guruji, Guruma, Madhumita and all in the family.

12/5/09 - Lotus 20th Anniv. celebrations - WE had a blast - wonderful evening - most just loved our powerful presentation in off-traditional get-up - abs. classical dancing in pure Odissi with Roopa and Shaleen.
Thank You LOTUS.

11/15/09 Mangala - dancing Abhisarika Nayika for you took me to yet another "outer body" experience - and as Roopa came on stage it became magical .... Odissi just continues to sustain me - words can't describe what I felt.

10/20-25/09 - There was a halo around Guru Mayadhar Raut as he taught us the intricacies of Mudra Vinayog explaining each accent of the Gitagovinda Sanskrit poetry by Jayadeva - bringing Krishan and Radha to life in the sanctity of our class in his living-room for the "Nritya Parichaya" workshop for senior artists in Delhi.
The concluding performance at the India International Center, New Delhi (where I too performed) was a dream - I continue to re-live each moment!

10/4/09 Remarkable Odissi by Shivani and Reva - under the sun - on the banks of the river - in the heart of a concrete jungle - celebrating our festival of lights & October as the National Arts & Humanities Month - an absolute delight!

9/19/09 - Saraswati Arts Festival - Nisha, Shivani and Tarini do a fabulous Basant Pallavi to a packed hall!

8/23/09 - Ganesh Chaturthi celebrated in Odissi by Mala & Sumitra at the India Fest at Eisenhower Park with huge applaud & appreciation.

8/2/09 Odissi at India Fest - at the LI Hilton - write-up in this week's "Desi Talk" has my student's photo - get a copy please .....

7/18/09 We "WOW" Chicago's exclusive gathering at Sri Venkateswara Temple with 'Om Krishnaya Namah".

6/26/09 Samarpan '09 - Thank you for a fabulous night. Hope it was as great for you as it was for me. You all were just gorgeous and wonderful. We made Guruji proud and he has sent his blessings for all. Love - Mala

5/30/09 "Om Krishnaya Namah" - a WONDERFUL performance by all participating artists - congratulations! Excerpt to be presented at Samarpan '09.

4/23/09 Stunning presentation of "Ayana" by Reva and Puja at the Queens Museum of Art. Repeat performance on 6/26/09. Buy you tickets NOW for Samarpan '09.

April 2009 - Mala presents 9 students on RagaChitra/India Talks that was telecast in Queens and Manhattan on Time Warner Cable Channels this week. Hope you saw it and enjoyed the show!

December 2008 - Mala performs at Deeksha 2008 at the India International Center in New Delhi for the annual student performance in honor of Guru Mayadhar Raut.