GKrellM Plugins

Multiping plugin

Pings several machines and shows the current round-trip and status.

Available on GitHub

Helium plugin

A simple plugin for displaying data from the dorm thermometer at Strahov and Dejvice, Prague. Probably useless for anybody out of there.

Version 2.3.1

The following are plugins created by others, ported to GKrellM 2 API.


Quake et al. status plugin by Tadpol. This version has been modified to use threads and shouldn't block anymore. Note that the default configuration is set to Unreal.

Version 2.0


Weather plugin by Franky Lam. Original site is currently unavailable.

Version 2.0.8


A simple but useful plugin displaying lines from a text file by Anatoly Asviyan. Original site is currently unavailable.

Version 2.0.4