The Makley family came over to America in 1832 and settled in the Franklin St. neighborhood of Dayton. 
                                      They were all Blacksmiths having shops in Dayton and in St. Mary's Ohio.

          I found the name spelled in many ways while searching old county records in Dayton and St. Marys but the two that I found most often were "Moeglich" and "Moglich". As I worked my way into the 1900's, I found the name spelled "Makley" more often.

   As it turns out, the original spelling was "Moglich". The two dots over the "O" give it the "A" sound in German. The following pages contain the information found in county records in Montgomery, Auglaize and Mercer County Ohio Court records as well as information shared by cousins who have done research here and in Germany. If you have any information that you would like to add or find anything that may need correction, please contact me at rmakley@woh.rr.com. Also I am looking for any photo's of the Dayton Makley's and their Blacksmith shops. Thanks for visiting and may your search for family be successful.