What is a simple machine? 


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What is a simple machine? 

There are 6 types of simple machines:


A gear is a wheel with teeth that can mesh with another gear wheel.

 Examples: clock, bicycle gears


Inclined Plane

A ramp is a kind of inclined plane. This is a skate ramp. It makes it easier to carry something down or up. 


A wedge is used to split things. Examples: a knife an axe or a zipper.



This is a straight rod that pivots on a point that is known as a fulcrum. Examples: Bottle opener, seesaw, hammer. 


A pulley has a wheel and a rope. The wheel has a grove in it for the rope. It makes it easier as it is easier to pull down on the rope to lift the weight up.


If you look carefully, you will see that a screw has an inclined plane running around and down it like a spiral. It helps to guide it into the wall or wood. 

Wheel and Axle 

A wheel is connect to an axle or smaller cylinder. The wheel moves a greater distance when it turns compared with the axle but requires less force to push it.

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