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You will know and be able to:
1. Understand the SAMR model of technology integration and be able describe what differentiates each level 
2. Understand the TPACK model of how the combinations of the three knowledge areas can be applied to learning
3. Understand how all technology integrated learning is viewed through the SAMR and TPACK lenses

It's not just using technology that's important, it's HOW you use it.  

SAMR is a model of technology integration comprised of four levels, two enhancing levels:  substitution and augmentation, and two transforming levels: modification and redefinition.  Technology can be integrated at all of them; technology used at the transformational levels transfers into a positive effect on student learning in other areas.  SAMR can also be used to differentiate instruction within the same unit.

TPACK is a framework for integration which combines knowledge in content areas with pedagogy and technology.  It provides a structure to identify how technology, content and pedagogy combine to support a variety of learning opportunities and to help educators choose the most effective combinations.


TPACK and SAMR Models for Enhancing Technology Integration - Dr Ruben Puentadura - in iTunes U - Requires iTunes on your computer

TPACK Page - Video presentation by Mishra and Koehler and some additional links

Notes from the Mishra and Koehler presentation - how do these thoughts compare to yours after watching the presentation?

Differentiated Instruction
The SAMR model of the levels of technology integration can also be applied through TPACK to differentiate instruction.  Learners have a variety of technology skill levels. Student learning can be supported appropriately by choosing the best SAMR level. 

Reflect and Discuss

Directions:  Compose a response to the following prompt.  In addition to words, when applicable your response may include images, drawing, audio, video, etc.  Post your response in the forum on the EDU 2.0 Site by clicking the link below.  Be sure to comment on other posts.  

Prompt:  Describe your understanding of TPACK and SAMR.  How do you envision planning for these in your unit?

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