Snow Projects

We Experienced History Being Made!
The snowfall total was 91.6 inches.
The old record was broken on Feb. 12th.

Our Snow Project
By:  Ms. Pavelski’s Class

It has been a long winter.  Our class decided to not complain about the weather.  Instead we decided to get excited about this record-breaking winter.  It is very exciting for 7 and 8 year olds to say they saw history being made!  Ms. Sanders, the school’s media specialist and I have been collaborating on this snow project.  We have had fun integrating the students’ interest in snow into the curriculum.  We took all of the skills and concepts that were being taught and put a snow theme to it when possible.  This has really motivated the students, and their teacher!

Below is a brief description of some of the ways we are integrating our interest of snow into the curriculum. 

Snow Pictures

We had a group of students take picture of snow scenes to document the tremendous amount of snow we had this year.  These students put a lot of thought into finding a good snapshot.

Voice Thread Team

Mrs. Sanders, our school’s media specialist, taught us about a neat web site called Voicethread.  This site lets you display pictures and record voice messages for each picture.  Our Voice thread team will look at the pictures taken by picture people.  They will give their opinions about the photos by recording their voice.  Families that view the pictures at home will eventually be able to give their input on the pictures too.

Movie Editing Team

A few parts of our project are being video taped.  We needing a movie editing team to upload the footage to the computer and edit it.

Interview Team for Dr. Schumacher

This winter we had more snow days than a typical winter.  The class had a lot of questions about snow days and how is the decision to close schools was made.  We called upon the expert, our superintendent, Gary Schumacher.  The class brainstormed a list of questions to ask Dr. Schumacher.  The interview team made the final decisions on the interview questions.  Kalie and Haley interviewed Dr. Schumacher while Jade video taped it.

E-mail a real weather person

We had so many questions about this winter.  Mainly we wanted to know how much snow we actually got this winter.  We also wanted to know what the old record was and on what date did we break the old record.  The e-mail team found the answers to these questions and many more when we interviewed Charlie Shortino via e-mail.

Interview Mr. Tetzloff Team

The word of the month was compassion.  The kids were very compassionate as they discussed how much our super custodian, Mr. Tetzloff, had to shovel this winter.  We will soon conduct an interview with Mr. Tetzloff to see what kind of impact this winter had on him.

Math Team

Our math team will need to measure 91 inches on a very long piece of paper in order to show the class exactly how much snow we got all together this winter.  The math team will also use a quanity-quanity-difference diagram to compare the old record to the new record. 

Summary Team

Our class has learned about summarizing as a comprehension strategy.  A group of children wrote their own summary for the book Snowflake Bentley.  The group came together and merged the best parts of their summaries into one super summary.  Students from the class were video taped while reading the summary.

Web Page Design Team

Knowing how to create a web page is a great 21st century skill.  It is a great way to share information.  Our class will share our work with you on a web page.  Olivia and Ryan will work with me to create our class web page.

Writing with Voice Project

Our class has been learning to write with voice.  Mr. Tudor, our P.E. teacher, read The Diary of a Worm  to the class on Read Across America Day.  The story was told from the perspective of a worm.  We enjoyed the story so much we decided to write our own version.  Our story is called The Diary of a Snowflake.  Each child has written several journal entries.  They have written about their life as a snowflake.  The stories are extremely creative and funny!  The class did a great job getting into character and writing with voice.  This is one of Ms. Pavelski’s favorite projects.  The kids’ stories are awesome!

Make a Snowflake on the Computer

The whole class made a snowflake on the computer.  Prior to this we had studied ice and salt crystals.  We had observed the intricate patterns and symmetry.

Make Crystals in the Class

We all helped grow crystals in class.  We mixed Epsom salt and hot water and poured it on a sponge.  The student’s sounded like real scientists as they made daily observations.  Some sponges had more crystals than others.  Students shared their hypothesis as to why this happened.

Winter Quotes

We were learning about writing dialog and the correct way to use quotation marks in February.  Each child wrote what they thought about this winter and used quotation marks to show exactly what they said.  They are hanging outside of our classroom. 

Song Writer

It is important as a teacher to recognize the multiple intelligences.  Below is a picture that illustrates the different intelligences.  Many of the students are quite musical and music can be a great learning tool.  Austin has a knack for writing songs.  He is in the process of writing a song with Ms. Evans, the music teacher.  The song is going to be about our experiences this winter.  The class will learn the song.  I will videotape the class singing the song.

Letter Writing Practice

We already wrote a thank you letter to Dr. Schumacher for coming to our class and for answering our questions.  I am sure we will have a couple more thank you letters to write before the project is all done.  The class is very motivated to write when they know they have an audience.  I have noticed that this practical application of writing practice encourages the students to do their best work.  They put extra care and effort into their work to ensure that their sentences start with capitals, end with punctuation, and that their sentence really is a sentence.
☺ Ms. Pavelski