Who We Are

Making Gardens Making Peace is one expression of the force that inspired Global Coalition for Peace, a 501 (c)(3) corporation, incorporated in the state of Maryland. That force is the desire to replace violence with respect and love.  Global Coalition for Peace was born out of the Shanti Yoga School of Life in Bethesda, MD in response to the events and aftermath of September 11, 2001. 

We believe that the problem of hunger, so prevalent in the developing countries of the world, must be addressed before there can be peace.  The Women's Self-Reliance Program was designed to address this problem. In cooperation with other non-profit organizations including Trees for Life, Project Ix canaan, Global Foundation for Democracy and Development and HavServe, we are working to provide the necessary knowledge and resources that will enable people in developing countries to become nutritionally self-sufficient.  We have worked in Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Venezuela and, most recently, Haiti.  We also hold gardening demonstrations in the Washington DC/Bethesda MD area and in Pittsburgh, PA.

The Sattwic Peace Garden, an organic gardening process, is the basic structure by which we introduce people to sustainable,earth-friendly, life-enhancing gardening techniques on which they can build, to provide a significant portion of their family's nutritional needs.

Victor "Vyasa" Landa - President and Director of Global Coalition for Peace
Linette "Lakshmi" Landa -Vice President and Co-founder, GCFP
Rose "Mirabai" Lord  -  Program Director and Co-founder, GCFP 
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