As Lisa sat in the tower chamber, the light from her
candle flickered, casting dark shadows upon the wall. 
She hunched over the table, chewing some salty
sunflower seeds, and chugging some more Cherry Ola-
Cola.  During her rousing speech to the citizens of
Glenbard, she promised them great things, “Wait until
you hear my new ideas!”  The citizens loudly chanted her name, glad
to have their leader back, not thinking about all of the hard work and
sacrifices that might lie ahead. 

    After her late night snack of sunflower seeds and her favorite pop, Lisa’s hand came to rest upon a battered heavy book. The book, this magnificent book, Lisa thought, it holds all of the answers for me.  I need to make a difference like this individual.  No wait, she thought, I can make a difference like this person. 

    She voiced her thought, the words echoing off the chamber walls,
“they accomplished tremendous things in their lifetime, and so can
Lisa Nelson!”  With that, Lisa sighed and gently closed the book.  She
had realized that similar to this individual, she would make a difference.


 What individual is Lisa thinking has accomplished magnificent


things that have made a difference in their lifetime?