Make Your Book

There's a book in you. To get it out, you might need just a little help, or maybe a lot. Either way, we'll help you Make Your Book. And we're affordable. And we're worth it.

We'll help get your book into your hands: In just one meeting, we can show you how to do the basics yourself. Or, we can do the heavy work for you. We work "for hire" so that you keep all your copyrights and original materials. Professional, courteous service. We're a small Ann Arbor, Michigan start-up company, but can work with you from a distance.

Speak your truth (with as much help as you require): typesetting, formatting, writing help, ghostwriting, copy editing (light or heavy), transcription. Great gifts for friends & family, heirlooms, libraries, book shows, sale & self-promotion.

You can do it! Make Your Book.