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Welcome to the Realm of Makesfolkslose, my personal wepage for my art, films, and stories. I am Makesfolkslose, but I go by many other names. Stormreaver, Bobaloo, Norimar, Zach. I created this website so that I could share my creations without boundries or walls. Enjoy. 


Who am I? 

I am Makesfolkslose of Warcraft Movies, Machinima 101, The Hive, and Warcraft III (among other things)

I am Stormreaver of SAmods,  and MMORPG forums.

I am  Bobaloo of Warcraft III Campaigns

I am Norimar of the Llane US server (although my account has since expired)

I am Zach of NC Instrumental.

I am a writer, a musician, a  cinematographer, and above all, an artist in all forms.