Maker: a person who, given a broken or obscure or questionable piece of ****, says "I can make something of this!".

    We come across those types of things in the course of our business of buying, refurbishing and selling garden furnishings, planters, and artifacts.  Sometimes we sell them as "Art", or turn them into a planter.  But some of them wait in obscurity to become something.  
So this website "Makers" will be a place to offer those interesting pieces to you, as well as supplies for the making and fixing process.  That's the dream anyway.  
We also plan to post info about how to do things as we learn new techniques, cool ideas from other folks, and sources of materials, tools and parts. 
STAY TUNED . . . coming soon.
Email us at to inquire about this project or if you have stuff you'd consider selling or giving for future projects.
We look forward to showing you our ****!