MAKE Android Apps

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TipCalc does the math to determine the gratuity you want to pay for your dining experience.
  • Calculates the tip based on percentage.
  • Adjust the tip percentage, tip amount, total to pay, or split, and TipCalc automatically recalculates the tip.
  • Split the bill between you and your party.
  • Enter the local tax rate and Tax Mode calculates the tip on the pre-tax bill amount.
Timer monitors a timed activity and alerts you when the time expires.
  • Large font and buttons.
  • Easy to use.
  • Runs when your phone is in standby to save your battery.
  • Loud alarm bell to get your attention.
Cooking Conversions
Cooking Conversions helps you convert units of measure.
  • Convert by volume and by weight.
  • Scale a recipe from X servings to Y servings.
  • Convert temperatures.
  • Substitute common ingredients.