Make Outdoor Christmas Decorations

    christmas decorations
  • A Christmas decoration is any of several types of decorations used at Christmastime. The traditional colours of Christmas are pine green (evergreen), snow white, and heart red. Blue and white are often used to represent winter, or sometimes Hanukkah, which occurs around the same time.
  • (outdoors) where the air is unconfined; "he wanted to get outdoors a little"; "the concert was held in the open air"; "camping in the open"
  • (outdoors) outside: outside a building; "in summer we play outside"
  • Done, situated, or used out of doors
  • (of a person) Fond of the open air or open-air activities
  • outdoor(a): located, suited for, or taking place in the open air; "outdoor clothes"; "badminton and other outdoor games"; "a beautiful outdoor setting for the wedding"
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make outdoor christmas decorations
make outdoor christmas decorations - Pack of
Pack of 4 Soft Red and White Fabric Santa Hat Christmas Chair Slip Covers
Pack of 4 Soft Red and White Fabric Santa Hat Christmas Chair Slip Covers

Pack of 4 Red and White Santa Hat Christmas Chair Slip Covers
Item #2457-80
Dress up your chairs for the holiday season with these festive red and white Santa hat chair covers
Each fits over the top of your chair and covers the front and back of the chair
Does not cover the seat of the chair or the legs
Fits most armless dining chairs
Covers may be embroidered for personalization, however this is not a service that we offer
Dimensions: 28"H x 19.5"W
Material(s): brushed felt
Pack includes 4 of the item shown

Making Pinecone-Birdseed Treats
Making Pinecone-Birdseed Treats
Countdown to Christmas - Day 9 - Make and hang edible gifts for the birds and squirrels. Today we talked about our responsibility to care for animals - including the pets we have as well as the wildlife that visits us. The girls and I hung cranberry and popcorn strings from several trees around Thanksgiving. As we were filling the feeders today, we noticed that the birds and squirrels like popcorn, but they don't like cranberries. Today, I had the girls go out and get some pinecones from the trees. They put peanut butter on the cones and then rolled them in birdseed. I put yarn around the cones so we can hang them from the trees. Olivia also wants to make a string of peanuts for the squirrels. I need to go to the grocery store to get some peanuts. This weekend, I'll make a big batch of Amish bird suet. I cut it into squares and then put it in red mesh bags (the kind that onions come in). This suet recipe is one that the birds enjoy, and it attracts a wide variety of birds which is fun to watch.
Red Christmas trees
Red Christmas trees
To make a big one in the Outdoor Christmas market. Sainte-Threse, Quebec.
make outdoor christmas decorations