Make My Pictures Better

I am Colin Walls, CPAGB, AIPF, ARPS. I am a keen amateur photographer, with no plans to become professional. I have been doing photography all my life, while pursuing a career in computer software. I enjoy taking pictures and finding ways to use them, but I also enjoy working with other photographers, often with a view to helping them produce good work. Some examples of my photography may be found on my frequently-updated website:

How can you start to get better pictures?

There are quite a few things that you might consider:

  • join a camera club - this offers numerous opportunities [I am a member of Beacon Camera Club]

  • look at pictures - galleries and museums are obvious, but clubs are another possibility

  • take lots of pictures - every click is free, but strictly delete all the rejects

  • make sure that you understand your camera and software - clubs can help, but so can I

  • get other opinions on your pictures - clubs are good with competitions etc., but I can help too

My current qualifications are:

  • CPAGB - Credit award from the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain

  • AIPF - Associate of the Irish Photographic Federation

  • ARPS - Associate of the Royal Photographic Society