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Go to and www.directlyrics.comand check out their latest music news. Very

often if not daily, a new song or mix tape is released from some very famous artists. Artists like Lady

Gaga, Eminem, 50 Cents, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Katy Perry and Britney Spears. The more famous the

artist the more money you make from this method.

Get as many new song names from these two sites as possible, you could also try Google’s News search

and search broad terms like, “new music” or “new song” – and pick up brand new song releases that

way too. Every little helps.

Now you should have a nice list of recently released hot of the press tracks to cash in on.

REMEMBER: The key to this method is speed, persistence and consistency. That’s all.



Running through the list of songs you’ve got now, head to YouTube and search to see if any of them

have already been uploaded, quite often the songs would have been but you will notice that they would

have uploaded quite recently giving you enough time to duplicate their video (download – use KeepVid)

and re-upload the song on your YouTube account. Trust me; you don’t have to be the first to rank no1

on YouTube search for anything... You just have to be the best. I will explain further. But first download

the videos, and if you’ve got a super fast PC, remember that time is of the essence, reproduce the video,

by adding instructions right at the beginning and end of the video suggesting to viewers that there are

goodies to be found in the description that they do not want to miss out on, you can do this in Movie

Maker really easily... This trick works really well and really explodes your earnings. Trust me on this one.

I recommend you reproduce as I just suggested but if you can’t or your PC moves at a turtle pace then

leave off the suggestion, why?, you don’t want to pass up your opportunity to be in early. Not

necessarily first, but early! If God was to shine favor on you, you might even find you are indeed first to

the party and you get VIP treatment from YouTube.



Now your videos are up, you’ll find that they probably don’t show up for a while. Not to worry, this is

common – there is often a gap between a video being uploaded and it hitting the YouTube search pages.

But despite knowing this, you mustn’t rest on your laurels!

In fact besides being early to the party, this is the most important bit.

If you are going to make a killing with this method, your video has got to rank high enough on the most

popular search term for your song! Let me help you with that.

The first step to achieving popularity for your video is titling your video extremely similar if not exactly

the same as the most popular search term, and by title I mean the actual title of your YouTube video!

Not some title you add to your movie file when publishing it in Movie Maker. Ok, so let’s say you

uploaded a Lil Wayne track titled – “That’s what they call me”. Fittingly you should title your video – “Lil

Wayne – That’s what they call me [2011 NEW SONG]” or something along those lines! The most popular

search term is included – “Lil wayne that’s what they call me”, and the “[2011 NEW SONG]” bit makes

your video stand out from the others that might employ your strategy too. What you fit into those

braces could spell dessert or disaster so choose appropriately.

Oh yeah, and pop a few relevant tags in there... don’t think they hold much weight though as I see

videos rank top even without any tags but you never see that happen without an appropriate title. So

pick your priorities right.



The next step to making sure your video spearheads straight to the top of YouTube search, or close

enough to bank hard on, is actually really simple.

Using the tricks I am teaching on YouTube I have had videos hit anywhere from 60,000 views to over

2,000,000 views! And you can imagine, my take home was something special!

All you’ve got to do is ‘Like’ your video a few times... and you’re done.

Just kidding, liking wouldn’t hurt, but I seriously doubt it would affect rankings too much, seeing as it can

be gamed almost too easily. What you really need to do is get traffic to your video.

Post a link to your video on music forums like Digital Spy and Buzz Jack

Now I know what you’re thinking... “The whole point of half of these steps was to get traffic through

YouTube, but now I have to get traffic to YouTube first?” I know it sounds absurd but it’s true and it

makes plenty of sense. YouTube ranks your video based on its popularity and relevance and that is really

all that you must focus on. You’ve got the relevance, now you need the popularity. Now let me further

explain how YouTube reads this. If a video is uploaded and in its first few minutes it gets a consistent

stream of views, it doesn’t have to be an avalanche, it is considered popular and indeed very healthy.

And that is what we are looking for. In fact getting an avalanche that cannot be sustained beyond a few

minutes or hours will hinder your chances against other videos that have had a consistent growth at a

steady natural rate.

Somehow I know that made a lot of sense. So now for the final part, don’t worry I didn’t



So now YouTube has officially been dominated and the views start rolling in.

How do we go about making a bucket load on adfly?

But first remember when I said you should reproduce the video in software like Movie Maker, or

another one of your choice for that matter. That would have been a good move. Just sayin’

But if you didn’t you could always add annotations to your videos, using YouTube’s built in annotations

engine and you could get the job done that way, your choice, it’s more time efficient and editable

because you don’t have to do it before the video is uploaded, taking up a few valuable minutes and you

can always edit it later. However I do like doing it on video as that often makes people trust it more as it

almost acts as a verification that it’s your video and not someone else’s and if done neatly enough it can

push viewers to thinking it was part of the song. Imagine what that can do to your earnings.

Now back to Step 7.

You want the link to target something directly related to your artist. I suggest you pick something

everyone who comes across the video would want to see for themselves. It could be a shocking news

story, here’s one off the top of my head, in the case of Chris Brown, he always seems to accompany

song releases with controversial moments that are captured by video and that pays dividends. Link to

the news article! Maybe link to a YouTube related to the news article.

You could just search YouTube for a video attractive a lot of attention that relates to your artist and link

to that. Of course all links will be masked with adfly.

Now be careful about this. Link relevant and don’t try to defraud adfly because they have a deadly way

of finding stuff out. Luckily I didn’t learn that from personal experience.

NOTE: When linking, try not to use the default adfly URL, be different and less recognizable, use one of

their other redirect options like or – VERY IMPORTANT

That is the beauty of Adfly. You can actually make money ethically! Take advantage of it.

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