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Z1 AM Radio
The World's Smallest A.M. Radio

The Z1 Micro AM Radio has been ergonomically designed to fit snugly and comfortably into your ear, and weighs only half an ounce. It uses a unique circuit designed by Sinclair Research and has proved itself in over 2 years' development. Where ever you are, reception is guaranteed - either by the integrated aerial, a tiny rod aerial, or a wire aerial.

The battery, included in the price, is a SR44 silver zinc button cell with a life of approximately 40 hours. Replacements are available from high street stores. You are even provided with a special key-chain carry case for added convenience.

Corporate Gifts

For the perfect corporate gift with the option of having your logo on the radio and carry case, contact us now.

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World's smallest AM radio
Weighs just half an ounce
Fits snugly in your ear
AM frequency 530-1600 khz
Choice of 3 aerials
Battery supplied
Key ring carry case included
One year guarantee



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