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This project collection amusement, the healthy body, athletics to a body, suits the young people entertainment, promotes kisses the child sentiment, the lover coordinated ability and so on, is youth, Chinese youth persons fashion health sports which lacks the exercise, is vainly hoped for the health loses weight public figures best choice
1 _ tourist to be possible to crawl, the tumbling in the ball, stands, walks, jogs and so on, carries on the full exercise to the whole body muscle, and enhances the body the balance and movement coordination ability
2 _ the movement consumes of the physical ability in the ball is 12 times on land, the movement 5 minutes is equal to jogging for half hour. Tired may sit is lying down the rest, or beckons hints the staff request to come ashore in
3 _ the air of ball to surpass 3 cubes, the oxygen is sufficient, may for a person to breath 5 hours in the ball; The spheroid material for makes the armored clothing to use the high wear-resisting PDS material, it may load-bearing 3 ton; The ball body zipper divingde and the aviation clothing uses the zipper for the deep sea, the airtight water leakage
4 _ tourist does not carry the sharp goods ,such as the knife, the key, the eyeglasses and so on enters the ball, in order to avoid grips injuries own; The prohibition contracts the heart disease, the hypertension and is not suitable the strenuous exercise to enter
5 _ to be suitable plays age is:0-60years old.

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Description:Water Walking Ball

Our new air tight, water proof human sphere is made from enhaced PVC, no ordor, stonger than normal PVC. It comes with water proof, air tight zipper. Once it is inflated, player can stay inside and walking, jumping, rolling and flipping on the water. This product comes with 3 size - 1.5m diameter,2.0m diameter and 2.5m diameter.



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