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An absolute must for water lovers, the revolutionary new SEASCOOTER is the lightest and most efficient personal water propeller in the world with an affordable price, making it hard to resist. Its sleek, compact design combined, FUN to use. Features an automatic cut off when the unit is released or encounters an obstruction. A protective grille is also supplied as standard for maximum safety.

The sea scooter can run at a speed of up to 2.5mph  at a depth of up to 70ft (20m) and has a built in buoyancy regulation for maximum comfort. The special battery used in our scooters lasts up to 1 and a half hours and can be recharged overnight with the supplied charger

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2.5MPH max scooter speed at a depth of up to 20m*

1 hour 30 minutes running time on 1 charge,

Weight 6.8kg (incl. battery)

Age range:child-adult

Manual, charger and bag included

Very low maintenance



AB Swing

Water Walking Ball

Z1 micro AM Radio