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  Poweriser-The latest Worldwide Craze !!

The future of entertainment is here with the all new Poweriser.

Imagine the opportunity to jump up to 2-meters(7-feet) in the air and leaping 3-meters(10-feet) strides is a site never before seen in the entertainment world.

Poweriser is the next extreme sport and ultimate exercising product. Enjoy incredible height and speed with your Poweriser, available in children and adult models.

Poweriser is mainly defined by a flat spring controlled upon deformation, so that the result is a straight movement relative to the ground. With the riser`s functional principle, depressive spring characteristic and backward movement of the force point during deformation are achieved. This supports the natural force point movement in the heels direction at higher loads and allows the runner to transpose his optimal jumping energy.


Lesson 1 - Standing up and walking with aid
Only a special few can stand up at first without help. However good a learner you are you will need help to balance when you first start. Don't try to stand on your own directly as you will probably fall. We recommend starting off by sitting on a bench or low wall with a friend to help pull you up.

Lesson 2 - Start walking alone
It won't be long until you are confident enough to walk by yourself but ask your friend to stick close by just in case. Walk with your feet pointing as straight forward as possible, otherwise the springs will get caught up in each other. Lifting your knees up too high might also make you fall - so be careful.
Stand up by holding onto somebody and start to walk. As you grow in confidence, hold lightly onto your friend's shoulder instead of him holding you and when you think your balance is good enough, try letting go entirely. You must try and relax because if you trip when your body is stiff it will be much more difficult to regain balance. Make sure to keep your friend next to you in case of mishaps.

Lesson 3 - Running
If you can walk you can swiftly learn to run but be careful to keep your balance as the faster you go your legs might catch each other. A bit of practice will quickly make perfect. Walking faster and faster will ease you gently into running without too much trouble. The trick to increase the length of each leap is to relax your legs and let the springs do the work. You might feel strange at first and your legs will feel a bit weird but this will quickly disappear. Lift your legs up high to avoid tripping on the pavement or uneven surfaces.

Lesson 4 - Jumping
You will soon be racing along, overtaking bikes, boards and plenty of other stuff. Jumping is the next challenge to overcome, and there are two styles of jump.
Jumping with one foot is just glorified running. The main difference is in aiming your power upwards instead of forwards. Try to stand in one place and alter jumping with your right and left leg. The trick is to step off as hard as you can when you are at the lowest point in the momentum, bounce back and then change leg so you're touching ground with the next one. Balancing yourself is a lot more difficult with two-footed jumps due to the increased spring resistance. This is the king of all jumps however and the one that can shoot you six feet into the air. Start by standing still for a second and then press downwards as you bend your legs slightly. Do this once, and stop to regain your balance. When you feel that you can do it without losing balance, try to do it several times in a row. Now you only need to practise this a few times. Try to press harder, so you jump higher.

 Lesson 5 - Rising after a fall
Learning how to get-up after falling will hopefully never be necessary, but the easiest way to rise is obviously to grab hold of some type of support to pull yourself up. When starting out it is best to have a friend near you at all times. A bench or a fence can do. To stand without support, spread your legs so that you have one in front of you and one behind you, pretty much like when you do the splits.


Children MUST BE SUPERVISED by an Adult when using these & Safety Pads, Wrist Guards & Helmet must be worn by everyone !!

Please read all of the safety instructions and use at your own risk!

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1) spring
2) fixing device for shoes
3) wrap calf
4) control lever
1) dimensions:185 x 390 x 890mm
2) weight:8.2lbs (1pc)
3) model no.: Ss-001
A) weight:60 - 80kg
B) weight:80pro
C) weight:80kg~110kg
D) weight:110kg
E) weight:30kg~40kg(kid)
F) weight:40kg~60kg(kid)


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