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The world's smallest, lightest bike - only 5.5kg!
Incredibly compact
Folds in 10 seconds
Cuts journey times

Why is it so light?

The Frame Materials
Heat treated aluminum and high strength glass fibre reinforced engineering polymer constitute the majority of the frame.

The Twin Chain
The twin chain gearing system specifically uses small drive axles, often one of the heaviest parts of a traditional bicycle. Pedal cadence remains the same as a normal

The Wheels
Each weighs only 350g and this includes the pneumatic tyres which give such a smooth and comfortable ride.

The Brakes
Designed specifically for the A-bike, the semi circular band brakes fit the wheel perfectly providing a lightweight and robust alternative to traditional shoe brakes.

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Technical Specification

Folded size: 67cm x 30cm x 16cm
Unfolded size: 100cm x 70cm x 43cm
Weight: 5.6kg / 12.6 lbs
Dual Chain ratios: 14:8 and 35:9
Max. weight tolerance: 85kgs / 13st 5lbs
Max. braking force: complies with BS1602 Part 1:1992
Polymer Composite: 30% GF PA66
Aluminium: heat treated 6061T6
Tyre Size: 15cm/6拻 diameter x 3.2cm/1 紨
Tyre Valve type: Shraeder
Pneumatic tyre pressure: 90psi
Max saddle height: 90 cm
Min saddle height: 82cm


AB Swing

Water Walking Ball

Water Scooter 

Z1 micro AM Radio