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Rogue's Bluff (a.k.a. Your Name's Bluff)

$25.00 (Shipping included for Canada and continental U.S.)
$4.99 for e-book (2 days for delivery. Available as .pdf, .epub, Kindle format. No DRM so you can share with your friends).

To order your customized copy (Your Name's Bluff):
1) Fill out form here.
2) Pay. For paperback copy click on Paypal link here. For e-book click on Paypal link here.
3) Send me your photo for the cover. Use this email link and make sure to include: your name and the name of the 'star' of the novel and 'custom novel' in the subject line. Photos should be .jpg format, and good quality (at least 300 dpi).

A teen mystery, treasure hunt adventure. The customized copy  would contain 200+ pages depending on the details you give me. The price is $25  for an individualized paperback copy.  Suggested ages 11 to 16.

Not sure? Read an excerpt here.