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Cape Ingénue (a.k.a. Cape Your Name)

Cape Your Name
$25.00 Paperback. (Shipping included for Canada and continental U.S.)
$4.99 for e-book (2 days for delivery. Available as .pdf, .epub, Kindle format. No DRM so you can share with your friends).

To order your customized copy (Cape Your Name):
1) Fill out form here.
2) Pay. For paperback copy click on Paypal link here. For customized e-book click on Paypal link here.
3) Send me your photo for the cover. Use this email link and make sure to include: your name, the name of the 'star' of the novel and 'custom novel' in the subject line. Photos should be .jpg format, and good quality (at least 300 dpi).

A teen mystery treasure hunt adventure. The customized copy  would contain 177 to 180 pages depending on the details you give me.  Suggested ages 11 to 16.

Not sure? Read an excerpt here.