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Have you written a novel that you think readers would love to experience as the protagonist? Do you think you want to offer it as a customized novel? Then contact me at its your novel at hotmail dot com. Yes it's an ancient email, but I'm keeping it for some very ancient connections. It also helps save a personal space bubble in a web surrounded by bots. But if you're serious about making your novel customized, I'm sure we can work together.

The Customized Novels

UPDATE: I've had a few fake forms submitted lately, so please email me first. If I get a form and there's no preceding email, I'll have to ignore it. Sorry for the inconvenience, but the fake form submissions are piling up.

Ever wanted to be the main character starring in your very own pulp teen adventure? The one making all those stupid mistakes? Having that unlikely romance? Kicking some bad guy butt? Now you can. This is a page where you can get customized teen paperback novels starring you, the reader.

When you order an individualized paperback, your name and details are swapped with the main character's in the original story.  Your face is placed on the cover.   The title will change to include your name. Your details are added. All you have to do is send us a picture, fill out a form and pay for the book. It will be shipped to you in approximately two to three weeks.

The customized novels are also now available as e-books. If the paperbacks are a little too pricey for some readers, customized e-books are now available as .pdf, .epub and Kindle format files for only $4.99.

All of the stories available here are originals, copyrighted by the authors on this page and individually published. Click on the linked icons in the right sidebar to learn more about each customized book.

Current genres available include: 

Tween/Teen/Ya (adventure, horror) 

 If you aren't sure if 
the customized paperback is for you (or someone you're gifting); you can read each complete original novel as an ebook first. They're cheap ($0.99 to $1.99 each).

Cape Ingénue                           Ghost Town
(Kindle store copy)               (Kindle store copy)  
(Other ebook formats)        (Other ebook formats)
 Chill Harbour
 (Kindle store copy)
 (Other ebook formats)
Customized to include your name, face and details. This is the girl version Cape Your Name.
$25.00 for custom paperback. $4.99 for a customized e-book.(Adventure)
Customized to include your name, face and details. The boy/girl versions are selected from the book page. Title is Chill Harbour (subtitled with Your Name).
$36.00 for custom paperback. $4.99 for a customized e-book. (Horror/Adventure)

Customized to include your name, face and details. Title is Ghost Town Your Name. For boy/girl ages 9-12.
$25.00 Cdn for custom paperback.  $4.99 for a customized e-book. 
 (Ghosts, Zombies, Adventure)