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All belts are custom made to your required size and are supplied with the appropriate whip holder.

Belt specification guide:

Belt guide

I need to know this measurement to size the gun belt properly:

Belt & whip holder: £35 

There is a small additional charge for waist sizes over 38 inches (A to B).


Built-in whip holder with strong action steel press-stud

Edge creases with short pointed end

D shaped steel buckle

Belt can be fitted with 'security press stud' (add £1 to cost).
This will only  release when user thumbs holder open 

1 3/8" wide dark brown belt with steel buckle

Temple of Doom style whip holder


Last Crusade features 2 different belts - Hero (1.5"wide) and Stunt (1.25" wide). 
You can see both in this picture of Ford and Vic Armstrong.

Ford mostly wears the Hero in the film but Stunt used in Petra publicity shots:

HERO - 1.5 inch wide medium brown belt and brassed buckle

STUNT - 1.25 inch wide darker brown belt with brass buckle
Last Crusade style whip holder


1 3/8" wide medium brown belt with steel buckle
Crystal Skull style whip holder