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Bag Straps

        Supplied with screen accurate buckles and screw rivets for easy fixing to a gas mask bag. 

Straps fit Mk V, VI & VII British and Canadian made gas mask bags with either D or O strap rings. 

Available in any custom length required - see bottom of page for size guide.

   Screen accurate widths for straps: 

Raiders = 1 inch wide 
Temple, Last Crusade & Crystal Skull = 7/8" wide

Temple / Crusade / Crystal Skull:

7/8 inch wide

(small additional cost for 1" wide)

Tooling leather - £20  

Premium Bridle leather -£23

Raiders - Streets of Cairo:

1 inch wide 
Tooling leather - £21

Aged Straps

A heavily worn in look that doesn't weaken the leather.

Hand dyed Tooling leather (all styles):    £23
Bridle leather (TOD, LC & CS):     £26
                         Aged tooling leather - ROLA                   
        Aged tooling leather - TOD, LC & CS

Aged bridle - TOD, LC & CS

Size guide:

Medium - for heights under 5'10"

 - 65 inch strap  for heights up to 6' tall

Longer - 66 to 69 inch strap for 6'1" to 6'2" tall

Extra long
- 70 inches + (small additional charge applies)

Standard 65 inch long strap on 6 ft (183 cm) tall man: 


See document below for advice on a screen accurate fit.

Bag strap length guide

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