4. Film & TV

A selection of custom made Replica items from various film and TV shows:

BULLITT - upside down carry shoulder holster from the Steve McQueen classic

SPECTRE - James Bond's custom Walther PPK shoulder holster
DR WHO - Captain Jack Harkness Webley holster

JURASSIC PARK - Robert Muldoon's belt

MAD MAX - Max Rockatansky's belt and shotgun leg holster from Mad Max II: The Road Warrior

THE WALKING DEAD - Maggie Green leg holster & The Governors Beretta holster and eyepatch

Other custom pieces:

THE MUMMY - Rick O'Connels wrist cuff - £30.

THE PROTECTORS - Robert Vaughan's Walther PP OWB Paddle holster - £55

TOMB RAIDER - Lara Croft's watch strap and cuff - £30 

WOLVERINE X-MEN: ORIGINS - Wolverine's belt - from £50