Welcome to the Make Cents 3 Conference!

This online event is a student-driven service learning project on money matters. The conference is open 24/7 from Noon on Monday, December 3, until Noon on Monday, December 10, 2012. The conference is free and open to the public. No registration is required, just start clickin'!

You can post questions, comments, and personal anecdotes to the students via the Make Cents 3 Conference Facebook Forums at any time during the conference. 
The students will be responding to questions, answers, and comments throughout the conference. The easiest way to do it is to login to Facebook first, so you get straight to the forum from our link. There are more than one page of discussion forums, so please click on the page numbers to move from page to page. If you do not have a Facebook account, simply e-mail the presenters individually at speechstudentconference@gmail.com.
The conference presentations are displayed by class below. If you are looking for a presentation by a particular student or on a specific topic, try the search engine at the top of this page.

Harrison - Profiting from an Empire: Invest in Rental Property

Heather - Going Vegetarian: It's Cheaper Than You Think!

Josh - Keeping the Perfect Job

Aaron -
When Disaster Strikes: The Student-Scholar and Money

Public Speaking Online
Online throughout the week

Ashley - Electronic Budgeting: A Fast and Secure Way to Keep Track of Hard-earned Money

Melissa -
The Coupon Craze: How You Can Cash In

Miguel - Foresee the Path to Victory: the Importance of Financial Planning

Kat - Overspending: Who's to Blame?

Judson - Your Credit Score: What You Should Know

Christa - Investing in a 529 Program for Your Child's Education

SPC1006C, Warrington,
Live M & W 3:30-4:20 p.m.

Vy - Lets Talk aBOAT a Loan

Rubens - Flipping Houses Is Still a Good Investment

Teri - When It Rains, It Pours: The Rainy Day Fund

Brittany - Dental Insurance: Take the Pain Out of Your Mouth and Pocket

Richard - Making Your Dream Car a Reality!

James - How to Save by Using Generic Equivalents

Tyler - Death by Books: How to Save on College Textbooks

Bekah - Home Sweet Home: How to Get an Affordable Home Loan

Chiffaun - Fashionable Cheap: Homemade Flip Flops

Jeffrey V. - Couponing: Let's Save Money!

Tammy - The Pensacola State College Nursing Program

Brandi – Planning Ahead and Getting Paid the Whole Time: Dividend Stocks

Tiffany – Cash Rewards, No Credit

Basic Speaking/Listening Skills
Online throughout the week

Rebeka - Don't Get Denied! Build Your Credit While in College

Athena - Necessitating a Reduction in Unnecessary Expenses

Kenyetta - "I Got Money to Blow": The Misuse of Educational Funding

Brittany - Social Networking

Westin - How To Find A Car That's Right For You And Your Wallet

Jenny - Bad Credit Blues: How to Recover from a Bad Credit Rating

Kevin - Granting Education: Explanation of Grants and How to Obtain Them

Geoffrey - The Value of a Dollar

De'Marquise - Savings for Sneakerheads

Haley - "It's a Finalcial Emergency, I need Cash NOW!

Interpersonal Communication Online
Online throughout the week

Olivia - Couples & Money: Talk the Talk

Justin - Just In with Justin: "Honey, I Shrunk Our Wallets!"

Regina - The Money Matters Show: Marriage and Money Got Married

Gabby - Parents and Children Talk: Learning to Be Financially Mature

Gina - And This Little Piggy Went to College

Quennie - Break Open the Piggy Bank: Family Communication About Money

Alex - "I Wish I Were Bill Gates": How Friends Affect Money Matters

Pamela - Teaching Kids About Money

Deborah - "Where's the Money?!": Money Between Friends

Jessica - Broke, Married, and Happy

Katie - Money and Relationships: Save the Pig!

Jeffrey - Smart Money: Feed the Pig with the Family

Maggie - Love and Budgets

Kari - The Money Talks: Surviving, "Honey, Where is the Piggy Bank?"

Alexandra: Lil' Piggy Mishaps in Romantic Relationships

Jenny - "Kids, Fill Those Piggy Banks!"

Derek - Talking to Kids About the Value of a Dollar 

Basic Speaking/Listening Skills,
South Santa Rosa,
Live F 9:00-10:50 a.m.

Wendy - Pay YOURSELF First! 

Starr - How Cosmopolitan Changed the World

Jane - Dealing With Dealerships

Sam -
Succeeding in Small Business

Jacob - Grocery Shopping Saving

TJ - Quicken: The Online Budgeting System

Chris -
Unemployed and Making It