This online conference is a student-driven service learning project on financial literacy open 24/7 from Noon on Tax Day 2012, Tuesday, April 17, until Noon on Tuesday, April 24, 2012. The conference is free and open to the public. No registration required.
You can post questions, comments, and personal anecdotes to the students via the Make Cents 2 Conference Facebook Forums at any time during the conference. LIVE interactions with the face-to-face students are scheduled for Thursday, April 19, and Tuesday, April 24, from 9:00 a.m. until Noon. The online students will be responding to questions, answers, and comments throughout the conference. There are more than one page of discussion forums, so please click on the page numbers to move from page to page.
The conference presentations are displayed by class below. If you are looking for a presentation by a particular student or on a specific topic, try the search engine at the top of this page.

Public Speaking 9:00-10:15 a.m.

Rachel - Go BOLD with GOLD

Nancy - Beer Budget International Travel

Jeremy - Minimalism: An Artistic Approach to Financial Freedom

Raven - More for Less: Save on Food

Giacamo- For the Love of Money: The Student Financial Aid Journey

Jen T. - Get in the Loop with Coup’s: Using Coupons on Groceries

Latessa - No Longer a Mystery: Getting Paid to Shop 
Anthony - A Waste of Money or a Cash Cow?: A Study in the Economics of College

Ty - Budgeting for Baby

Kasara - Stack Lack Bounce Back: Free Stuff Around Town

Devyn - The 411 on the 401(k)

Jen B. - Mad Cow for Mad Money: Making Money as a Mascot

Star- "Home is Where the Heart is": Homebuying Concerns

Kiwi B.- Faring Well on Welfare

Kiwi R.- Save Bucks on Books

Elva- Don't Drop When You Shop: Financial Fashion Advice

Cassie- The Safety Net: Money to Fall Back On

Public Speaking Online

Lisa G.  - Without Flood Insurance You May Be Up A Creek

Rebecca - The Skinny on Healthy Eating with a Budget

Erin - Get Malled Every Weekend? Become Debt Set Against It!  

Leonard - Money for College: Aren’t they still in Preschool?”

Jennifer - Saving Your Grocery Bucks

Mark- FICO, I Don't Have to Be Concerned, Right?

Jeff - Roth IRAs

Victoria- How to Save Money the Easy Way

Bree - Managing Your Credit Score

April -
If You Fail To Plan a Budget, You Plan To Fail a Budget

David - Dining on a Dime!

John - Avoid the Crooks & Save Money On Your Textbooks

Charlotte - The Poor Girl's Guide to DYI 

Basic Speaking/Listening Skills Online

Lisa L. - Vacations: How to Successfully Plan and Budget Guilt-Free Getaways

William - Using the Web to Fatten Your Wallet

Elizabeth- Ballin’ On A Budget: Where Should Your Money Go?

Joshua R. - Financial Discipline

Scott- Irresponsible Holiday Spending: Reverting Back to Tradition

Barrett - Budgeting Life

Aaron - Effective Bill Payment Processes

Public Speaking 10:30-11:45 a.m.

Jocelyn - Sweat the Small Stuff: How Small Purchases Add Up

Disa - Financial Heart Attacks:  A Guide to the Importance of Medical Insurance

Candice- Saving for a Worry-Free Retirement

Joey - Making Common Cents: The Modern Banking System

Ian - Be a Hob-billionaire: Making Money on Your Hobby

Steven - What I Want, What He Needs: Financial Reality Check in Parenthood

Dana - Illuminating the Costs of Electricity

Faith- Making Lemonade: Avoid Buying a Lemon Car

Kaleb- What Could Be Fun about Saving?: A Pirate's Tale

Devin- To Trump or to Be Trumped: Investing in Stocks

Shane- What the [Bleep] Do I Do Now? Credit Card Mistakes

Colton- What the [Bleep] Do I Do Now? The B Plan

Maverick- Living Off a Hobby: The Living of a Studio Musician

Noel - It Pays to Eat Healthy in College

Spencer- Living Like an American Psycho, Far Beyond Our Means

Interpersonal Communication Online

Chris - Safe Spending for Young Couples

Ted - Your Parents Called . . . Your Reality Check BOUNCED!

Malarie - Before you say, "I do," Say, "I don't," to Debt: Financial Planning Before Marriage

Heather - OUR Piggy Bank, the BIG Issue (YouTube)

Olivia - Quit the Blame Game: Using Self-Talk to Control Your Financial Destiny (YouTube)

Lisa G. - Got Money? A Special Edition on Discussing Money with Children

Roger - "Really? That Much?": Family Borrowing

Barb - Self-Talk: Feed the Pig

Veeda - In it Together: How to Persuade a Spouse to Get With a Family Financial Plan

Charity - "I Just Can't Get It Together"

Shannon - Walking the Financial Tight Rope in a Romantic Relationship

Angela M. - Financially Happily Ever After: Marriage and Money, the Union Within the Union

Melissa- Money and Marriage: A Dream or a Nightmare

Kenneth - Roommate Money Talks

Natalie - What's in Your Piggy Bank?: How Childhood Can Affect Your Money Habits

Alexandria- An Investment for Your Future: Money for College

Tyler - Teaching the Little Piggy Banks

Carlos - Money Talks in Committed Romantic Relationships

Amanda - You and Your Budget

Micheal - Financia Care by Single Fathers