You Are Invited To A



Make Believe

Tea Party




3:33 PM Sunday June 27th 2010

G20 Summit  Toronto Canada

Revel in a Global Burn Up




We Shall Merrily Set Fire to Money

Blazing Currencies of G20 Economies





 Cash is make believe.

Imagine independence.

The make believe tea party is meant to be an autonomous medium risk action that can happen simultaneously throughout the G20 Demo on Sunday afternoon at about 3:33 pm.

The burning of currency can be incorporated into whatever situation one finds themselves in at the time and be accompanied by a brief declaration thru speech, song, dance, performance art, spiritual ceremony, comedy skit, whatever. If ye do burn be sure to do it with campfire common sense & care. The m.b.t party will occur in Toronto and can easily be celebrated in other communities as well.

Participants are responsible for supplying their own money and own reason(s) for rejecting said currency. If you like the idea but can't afford to burn a Canadian five dollar bill then acquire ahead of time a less expensive denomination from one of the G20 countries. Burning a Canadian or American note of currency probably increases the risk of arrest.  The author of this action is not aware of anyone ever being charged for burning money.

In the event of rain or high winds or water cannons or crowded situations the money can be torn into pieces. Using this non-violent demonstration as a springboard to burning other people’s stuff means you are either working for the empire or an idiot.

contact:  makebelieve.teaparty@gmail.com



The Root




Burning money is not a new idea. Wikipedia gives a pretty thorough overview of the concept and the reasons behind it. People have burned cash as an outlet for art, protest, insanity, and sometimes for necessity when a currency’s only worth was heating fuel.


Back in the 90’s I burned a fiver while Bob Wiseman sang ‘Bhopal (Driftnet Plan)’ at an outdoor concert in Northern Ontario. The act lent itself to the song about corporate murder and sent a small shock wave thru the audience. Even the police stood by grimfaced yet bewildered. The only thing it led to was people thinking and talking or wonderin’.


A currency’s only real worth is the people’s faith in it. Without our trust it becomes as potent as some ancient god.


I’ve heard the rich, middleclass, and poor people all bitch about money, the government, corporations, and the banks. Their system is only serving the wants and needs of a select few; the vast majority of us live in servitude and silently watch the ocean turn red with the blood of extinction.


Lauryn Hill once observed that ‘the ones on top, won’t make it stop’, they fear losing their control and wealth no matter what the cost is to everything else.

Everyone else pays the price. Most everyday non-activist folks I encounter see the need for change but fear losing their sliver of the pie. Some can’t see past the crumbs. Activists work towards a better world but get all worked up about people having different beliefs. And then there are the people who don’t admit the weather is changing. Or care.


As long as it makes a dollar, it makes sense.


Seems to me that we’re facing a situation that is impossible to unravel. One day the planet will have had enough of our bullshit and flush us into the abyss.

Perhaps now is the time to cut the Gordian knot. To begin taking small steps towards creating a new currency that is by the people and for the people. To develop a monetary system that the masses would rather place their trust and faith in. To take away the loaded gun that the criminal minds have pointed at you and me and my father and his father throughout the ages. To build a kinder, gentler weapon of choice for the generations who follow us.


The make believe tea party is meant to be a fun & daring demonstration that can mean anything you want. Who knows, it might just spark a movement towards a more peaceful life and better economy for all, well almost everyone.





Money Changes Everything




Project for a New Economic Century






A new monetary system that’s created, owned, and controlled by the people?




Look, if government manages to do it, how hard can it really be? All we have to do is come up with a new form of currency that the majority of people would prefer to use over the current system that is falling apart and failing to accommodate life as we knew it. Think about it for a minute.


Here’s a path that may get us to a better world or at least on the right track.


Three common ground committees come together; each consisting of about fifty to sixty people.  These think tanks would be wise to save a couple of seats for comedians. The teams’ job is to co-develop a blueprint and plan of action for creating a currency that will benefit and work for the masses. The masses would be given a chance to discuss, debate, and sculpt this work before it is finalized by the committees and either embraced or dismissed by the people in a fair and trustworthy manner.


The first cgc would be made up of people from an area that has elements of suburban, urban, rural, financial, military, industrial, commercial, communication, transportation, education, technological, agricultural, health, welfare and natural resource based living.  A community that is small enough that one’s story; the good and the bad is carried by others.


This group would be gathered from a region that is big enough to contain progressive thinkers, practical thinkers, credit unions, soldiers, factory owners, farmers, business owners large and small, investors, pensioners, religious leaders, scientists, artists, activists, cops, outlaws (a new form of cash ain’t gonna rid the world of desire or vice or crime or conflict or pricks but it could very well lessen the damage done), lawyers, judges, community organizers, managers, healthcare professionals, workers from all sectors & ages, unions, university professors, the poor, first nations and diverse heritages.


People with roots from around the world living in different tax brackets and following different faiths gathering on a common ground with a common goal of changing the system. 


To make it a better life for one and for all.


They would meet on a common ground that is familiar. Where one’s character is known in a homeland which reflects the modern day world with all of its convenience, culture, and cost.  In a place where family is valued and has various definitions and bondings; just like the rest of God’s creatures.


A place where the locals know how to debate and argue and fight over beers and do brunch the next day.  A place where friendship and kinship and health is true wealth. A place where people from warring nations share festival space and feed the community on Canada Day. A place where citizens and researchers and the company came together to undo some of the damage done.


A place like Sudbury, Ontario.


Hell, there might even be room at the table for representation from the banks, governments, & multinational corporations.

Say, that’s more than we get when they make the big decisions that affect our very lives and survival.


Guess that means if some committee members end up trying to derail or sabotage the band’s effort they can be voted out by the clan.


The development work of a new currency will take lots of time and patience and listening and understanding and mistakes and money and it will be done openly.


The second common ground committee would be composed of musicians, celebrities, and computer gurus. This crowd has an awareness that goes beyond the self and are gifted with conception and communication, making it concrete and understood. The artists would be given the space needed to create, to do the work. Being a team player is key to turning talent into success.


Many in this cgc would have a lot of cold, hard cash in this cruel, cruel world yet demonstrate time and again of ways they give to make life better for others, ease suffering and, on occasion; speak out against injustice. Sure this group can also behave like frickin’ A-holes. So what. Who hasn’t acted like one?


Ever notice how the ones who claim their crap don’t stink are usually in charge?  Running and ruining the world with little or no signs of compassion or remorse or logic.


Plenty of people have noted this unfairness since way before the feudal times and there are a lot of people alive today who have the vision and voice and freedom to provide practical alternatives to our way of living which is doing way too much killing.


Think about it for a minute.

The third common ground committee would be primarily composed of progressive, left of centre individuals plus people who hail from the third world as well as some might from the right and libertarians. The honest and earnest folks. Talking here about them so called shit disturbers, whistle blowers, rebels, radicals, renegades, mavericks, freethinkers, nerds, and dreamers. Now this is gonna piss off a lot people who believe in the almighty right stream media but c’mon now, let’s cut the bullshit instead of the forests of land and sea.


Things have been going your way for a long, long time now and it’s biting down harder on the hands who feed it. Maybe, just maybe, the idea of the meek inheriting the earth is worth checking out, wouldn’t you agree?

Even if you agree to disagree please keep in mind that the proposals from this common ground of third world representatives and recognized researchers, writers, designers, inventors, economists, ecologists, engineers, administrators and developers will have to appeal to the common sense of the primary cgc and eventually the everyday man, woman, & teenager living in the free world.


Throughout the pre-production process of a new cash system the three common ground committees would share ideas, concepts, concerns, realities, facts, and stories with each other and the world to unravel solutions for the obstacles that lie before a new way of making money.


If the people’s econosystem ever becomes operational it would be governed by an assembly that is freely elected by the nation(s) every four or five years and be managed in a transparent manner.


Who knows, we might even be ready to roll by the end of 2012.


Shoot the messenger


Mark Kirkwood Callingham is a middle aged Sudburian dad who lives and works in Ottawa as a full time janitor for a homeless shelter. He has also made money as a gardener, groundskeeper, shipper/receiver, factory worker, construction labourer, corner store clerk, assistant retail manager, cook, waiter, bartender, dj, arts council administrator, national conference co-ordinator, welfare recipient, theatre director/producer, and as an arranger for a rather ground-breaking & beneficial mental health recovery program. Mark is a certified crazy person who has earned a degree in paranoid schizophrenia, psychosis, manic depression and/or bipolarity. 


He~I drew upon those experiences as well as listening to what others have had to say about the way of the world in drawing up this call to action over the past few months.  Doin’ alright these days thanks to some family, friends, fellow workers & decent bosses, psychosocial rehab, music, meds, and the teachings of the Ojibwe people.




Thank ye for your time.





Thanks to All.


So after doing some dialogue about it in the on-line and off-line world i managed to pull off the make believe tea party twice during the G20 demo in toronto; pretty sure it ended up being a party of one goofball. Did some guerilla dance theatre with boom box, monopoly money tossing, and the burning of euros, hong kong dollars, u.s. federal reserve notes, a canadian cinq. The police on queen street west did nothing during this shtick and the people seemed to dig it. I avoided being one of the thousand and ninety who were arrested for being there due to years of training as a four eyed geek where i learned how to move when bullies begin to turn rabid. Tuning into the ol’ instincts/paranoia/spider senses also helped or maybe it was just the luck of the irish n the grace of god that made a weekend getaway to a wee rebellion so enjoyable pour moi. It was my kind of crazy.


As to be expected, the demonstrators were portrayed as the devil’s urchins via main stream media. After the summit of americas in quebec city the majority of canadians seemed to buy into the official lie but after returning from toronto i discovered most people i spoke with had deep doubts about what the police and politicians and headlines had to say about what went down and what it was all about.


Still, when you fight the good fight it can hurt when you are portrayed as a mindless monster. About forty thousand citizens were vilified by corporate media… that makes for a lot of batmans and dixie chicks. Wrote the following piece upon my return home and sent it off to various newspapers as a response to their coverage of the demonstration and summit. The title was inspired by an ottawa citizen editorial.  


The last bit is an addendum to a project for a new economic century. What started out as a lark with a clever line or two about a possible non-violent act of civil disobedience* gradually evolved into a solution for a revolution in this lifetime. Whatever you see and know is wrong today could be eradicated or diminished through a new cash system that works for the people and the planet.                                                                               



* Burning currency is a non-violent act that’s pure and simple and apparently legal in Canada. Using money for just about anything else, including banner making or the attainment of food or this ‘zine, involves some degree of violence against earth’s creations. Killing is a part of life but our current economic system is producing an excessive amount of death for the sake of money; the root of all evil.




mt protest

I pretty much agree with Toronto police Chief William Blair when he says: “There is a small group of criminals, whose only motivations are violence and destruction, who have appalled those who came to express their views in a peaceful manner.”  I do wonder if he’s concerned as well about the hundreds of peaceful Canadians who were systematically detained in an often violent and always demeaning manner without warning or just cause in hundreds of cases.

‘Tis an ugly shame that the government exhausted over one thousand million dollars of Canadian taxpayers’ funds on “the actions of a few thugs” as Prime Minister Stephen Harper has referred to the exploits of a subversive yet media friendly minority.


Not sure if Mr. Harper had any further comment on what else the multicultural masses of citizens and visitors and journalists and associations had to say about this whole affair outside the financial summit’s guarded steel cement fence. 


Thugs and criminals, violence and destruction. It’s funny, that’s what myself and countless others were protesting against.


If you look around the world we can probably all agree that there are a lot of nasty things going on. War, misery, waste, devastation, starvation, and loss are all entangled components of the economic system that most folks figure is being managed by wealthy governments, banks, and global corporations.


‘The small people’ make up the largest part of this machinery and a growing number of us are getting fed up with their system so we bitch and complain and sometimes demonstrate against the destructive nature of this new world economic engine that’s driving us towards a poorer future.


Honestly, how many of us think life will be better for our kids?


My feeling is we’ve lost that dream and by nearly all accounts we are going to lose a lot more due to this invented system of neoliberalism which runs on rampant greed and irresponsibility.


Guess that belief makes me a troublemaker. I brought along an old school ghetto blaster hooked up with an iPod to the people’s convergence against the G20 on the weekend.  I demonstrated by playing some tunes for the troops on both sides of the gun.


Johnny Cash had something to say to all of us, even took a request for ‘Rusty Cage’ from a young RCMP officer but smiled and declined a clever demand for ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ from a more menacing member of the police force.  Surprisingly, The Beatles spooked the riot cops on Queen Street West and The Clash got us running from those baton swinging boys in black. Children in the crowd danced to reggae music and beautiful people got down to hip-hop. The songs of protest brought calm and strength and mirth to tense times.


The music beat the thugs and criminals who get off on all that violence & destruction. So sing we all.


a post PNEC thought…


When a new currency is introduced into an economy what becomes of the old currency and personal wealth?


In the beginning the project would have to offer a transitional trading system where a person’s current earnings, savings, and nest egg could be exchanged for the new money at equal or greater value.


Workers, consumers, merchants, and producers all along the cash chain will have a choice to make between two functioning concepts which mark the worth of goods and services.


‘Course the powers that be will try their damndest to stop this. A house of cards is at stake if the masses become captains of capital through an honest and just democratic cooperative.


The public would have the power to create a brand new world by choosing which endeavors continue to make money & discontinuing investments in the unwanted elements of capitalism, communism, and/or fascism.


In this economic game of life we, the people hold the ace of spades and the whole damn deck.


Our deal.