What Makes a Good Rap Beat Maker

rap beats maker

A good rap beat maker must have all it takes to make hip hop music, which is a unique genre that demands certain specifications to produce a nice hip hop song. There are some key points to note when looking for the best rap beat making software. Rap music, also called as hip hop, has unique style and characteristics, but two major qualities stand out. Rap music is composed mainly of beats and vocals.

Therefore, the beat maker that you should be looking for to produce hip hop music must have voice over tools and fully armed with resounding drum beats. Moreover, rap music is closely associated with scratching sounds. That being said, the beat maker must be further equipped with sufficient features to build reverberating drum beats.

With the criteria already set, it’s time to look for a good rap beat maker that has exactly what it takes to build scratching sounds, produce dream beats, and make high quality voice over that lets you create rapping vocals over the entire song.

Echoing Drums

To produce booming drums, you certainly need outstanding drum kits or drum machines that are beyond average. Standard beat makers have drum beats, which is basic to all music making software. Drums are important instrument in almost all genres of music, and drums are widely used in rap music.

However, drums in hip hop are syncopated. This means that some beats are chopped, specifically beats 1 and 3. Aside from that, other beats like beat 2 and 4 are either emphasized or not. Therefore, make sure that the beat making software has syncopated drum beats that allow you to make rap music.

Some brands have this features already a part of the MIDI drum patterns. You can use these loops and quickly insert them in your song, thereby making it easier to make rap beats. Since drum beats are an important part of hip hop songs, the quality of your drum loops can, therefore, greatly affect the overall quality of your song. So don’t settle for less, find a beat maker with outstanding drum beats.

Rapping Sounds

Another essential quality of rap music is the rapping sounds. These are vocals with somewhat repeated melodies splashed all over the song. A hip hop music without rapping sounds would be incomplete, although are going out of the norms and evolved the genre into a new style devoid of rap vocals but replaced by instrumentals. In any case, vocals are still important in rap songs, and to make superior-quality rap voice over, you would need a mic controller with exceptional quality, as well.  So, check the MC if it is above average; likewise, don’t less for ordinary microphone controller to avoid producing average rap songs.


Scratching sounds are unique, and they are only common in hip hop. If your songs are devoid of scratching sounds, listeners may confuse your track with other genre of music. But if you add scratching, people can quickly tell that the song is rap music. This is somewhat similar to rapping. These two qualities should be a part of your song.

Scratching can be produced by turntables, just like the turntables that you see in dance houses and used by DJs to add uniqueness to the songs. Not all beat makers have turntables. So if you are looking for hip hop beat makers, among the things to look for are the turntables. If this feature is not present, then you should look for another brand.

You can add other requirement that suit your needs. But if you are concentrating on producing hip hop songs, then a good rap beat maker must have turntables, drum loops, and above-standard quality microphone controllers.