What Makes a Bad Web Site (Part Two)

Things you should avoid doing when you are making your Web site

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So, what else is bad about this Web site? Recall our...

Bad Web Site Example:
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This Web site also makes a mistake of using high contrast colors (bright yellow on black, bright yellow on blue). These colors certainly catch someone’s attention, but it makes it very hard for the user to read for a long period of time. When making a Web site, avoid these jarring colors that make the eyes uncomfortable to read. Try to start with a color theme. Think of what you would wear, and think about what would go well with each other! Check out Kuler (http://kuler.adobe.com/) and see what others have created for the color templates. When using these colors, make sure the text is easy to read on the background. Always try to keep the color design simple and clean. Having a Web site with very high contrast colors can make your Web site very unprofessional.

After browsing to different pages on the Web site, you will notice that the Web site’s appearance changes a lot from one page to another. This is a big mistake in Web design because a Web site should always stay Consistent—pages should look about the same on all the Web pages in your Web site. Be sure to keep the composition of the Web site to be the same, and try not to change the design on each Web page. Inconsistent Web pages can confuse the user because they aren’t sure if they are still on the same Web site anymore. This can make the Web site very hard to use since the user has to learn how to use each Web page! Again, be sure to think about the user, and make it as easy as possible for the user to use.

For more information about general Web design tips, check out this article here by Matt Brown.

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