What are Some Good Web Sites (Part One)?

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Well, then what makes a good Web site? What are some good websites with cool designs? Let’s learn some lessons from some neat Web sites.

Cool Web Site Example:
To view screen shots, click here (opens in a new window).

This Web site is a great example of how you can have a very simple, clean design. The navigation of the Web site is simple and obvious. The information is concise and not congested. The color scheme is very easy on the eye, and the impression of the company is great. The user doesn’t feel overwhelmed by the content of the Web site and can easily scan through the Web site to find the information. Better yet, the phone number for the company is displayed on the top, and making it easy for anyone call if they would like their services.

Notice that their Web site design is consistent across the Web pages on the site. This helps the user navigate around the site, and the user will know exactly how to go back to where they visited without hitting the “Back” button on their browser.

This Web site also uses pictures well to keep the site colorful and interesting. Even though the Web page is rather long on some pages, they are mostly well placed photos of their work, so it was not too hard for the user to keep on scanning the page.

What else is cool about this Web site?

Besides having a fantastic look, the Web site also focuses on how to most effectively communicate the content to the user. It is always worth spending time thinking hard about what you want to put on the Website, and how you want to communicate it to the user.

You may wonder if you can make this kind of beautiful Web site without any previous experience! Don’t sweat! This is the kind of Web site that any one of us can build at an Internet Café. It is simple, and easy to make with the tools provided on the Web. In a later section, we’ll explore how we can build a Web site like this one. Be sure to note what you like about this Web site, so that you can put those ideas to your own Web site later on.

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