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If you don't have much time, read this quick summary to get started!

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This quickie guide is meant to pick out the MOST important bits from sections 1-7 to get you started. After the summary, then you can jump right into the exercises for making a simple Web site.

5 Things You Must know
about making a Web site

  • A Web site is a compilation of Web pages. A user can navigate through the Web site by clicking on different links to see different Web pages.
  • A important Web site design principle is Usability. Usability measures the quality of a user's experience when interacting with you Web site.
  • How easy is it to use your Web site? It is important that your Web site is easy to use. A good Web site should never make the user work too hard to find information. Ask a few people to try out your Web site, and ask them to perform a task. Gather feedback from them and figure out if the Web site is easy to use. This is called Usability Testing.
  • For your Web site design, don't use high contrast, bright colors that are uncomfortable on the eye. Choose a pleasant color theme. Browse around the Web to see what you like.
  • Make sure your Web pages have consistent designs. They should look about the same, so that the user doesn't have to learn how to use the Web site every time he/she is on a different Web page.
Now, you are ready to jump into section 8, Before You Start Making Your Web Site!


0. About this Guide

1. Welcome

2. Importance of Marketing

3. What Makes a Bad Web Site? (Part One)

4. What Makes a Bad Web Site? (Part Two)

5. What are Some Good Web Sites (Part One)

6. What are Some Good Web Sites (Part Two)

7. What are Some Current Trends?

8. Before You Start Making Your Web Site

9. Let's Make a Web Site (Part One)

10. Let's Make a Web Site (Part Two)

11. Let's Make a Web Site (Part Three)

12. Final Words