Let's Make a Web Site (Part Two)

Creating a home page for your Web site

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Let’s create a home page for your Web site. I will go through a tutorial of creating a personal Web site for myself. To add content, simply click on the boxed section, and start typing!

1. Change the layout using the link, "Change Layout", provided on the upper right. What is a layout? A layout for your Website is a way to partition the Web page into different parts. Once you have clicked on "Change Layout" you will see 4 options to choose from. In this example, I'll choose a 3-part layout (option 2).

2. Change the design and color scheme using the link, "Change Look", provided on the upper right as well. Use pleasing colors, and a theme that matches you or your organization.

Click on the “Preview” link to see a sample Web site with the layout. If you like it, simply click on the layout picture and you now have a simple Web site design. Google Pages will make sure that all the Web pages will have the same design and layout to ensure usability and consistency over all pages (remember this concept from a previous section?).

3. Pick a title for your Web site. For my example, I have chosen: “Shirley Fung’s Personal Web Site”, and for the subtitle: “a place where you will find out more about me!” As you are putting content on your home page, you can also use the side tools to format the text as if you are using a word processor (like Microsoft Word).

4. Add some text for your homepage. Welcome the visit to the site, and tell them what they should expect to see on this Web site. The homepage is also a great place to put news about you or your organization. As you are working on your Web pages, be sure to check it often by using “Preview” next to the “Publish” button. It allows you to make sure everything looks exactly the way you want it to. If you have made a mistake, you an always use “Undo” as well.

This guide cannot teach you every single feature in Google Pages, so it is up to you to play around and experiment! Because this Web site is so easy to use, you will soon become an expert Google Pages user!

If you are not sure about what to write about, surf the Web for a bit and see what works for others—use what you like from other examples, and apply it to your Web site.

If you have photos, use the “Image” tool on the left hand tool bar to add a photo to your Welcome page! If you are making a personl Web site, include a portrait!

5. Click “Publish”! Then, click on “View live”! You have got yourself a Web site! Revise as necessary, simply go back to edit page to revise it. This is the beauty of making and having your own Web site on Google Pages, you can make changes to it so easily, and you didn’t even have to ask a Web master to do it for you!

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