Let's Make a Web Site (Part Three)

Making another page for the Web site

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Next, we will create a new page to add to our currently single-paged Web site.

1. Click on “Create new page” in the upper left corner. Give it a title, and create your page! Notice that your new page also has the same look. Google Pages makes sure that your site will have the same look throughout your site.

2. Fill out the content, since this is a “contact” page, I’ll put down my office information. “Preview” to make sure everything is alright, and “Publish”!

3. However, even though the home page and the contact page has been published, they are not linked (there is no way of going from the home page to the contact page, or from the contact page to go to the home page). Therefore, we must create a navigation bar to show all the links of the Web page.

To add a link, use the “Link” tool on the left hand side. Let’s link the home page from the Contact page. I selected the page called “Shirley Fung’s Personal Web Site”, and wrote “Home Page” as the “Text to display”. Click OK, review the page and publish. Likewise, edit your home page to add a link to the contact page!

4. After linking your Web pages, you have now completed the making of a two-paged Web site! Feel free to add more pages, and be sure to link them together. Review and revise, preview before you publish!

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