Let's Make a Web Site (Part One)

Getting started by getting a Google account

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Now that you have done all your work preparing for the Web site, we are ready to create a Web site at an internet café. Take your designs on paper and let’s get to it!

Getting started with Google Pages

In this guide, we will use Google Pages to create our Web site. Google Pages is a Web application that can allow anyone to create a Web site for free. In addition, the application is very easy to use, and no previous Web design experience is required! To get started, visit http://pages.google.com to create an account.

Follow the directions to create an account! On the registration form, you may choose your language preference. Unfortunately not all languages are available, please choose the one you are most comfortable with (see the next screen shot). Once your account has been created, you may go back to http://pages.google.comto log in!

Once you are logged in with your account login and password, you should arrive to the following page. This page welcomes you with a brief tutorial on how to use Google Pages. Study it for a minute, and when you are ready to create your own pages, scroll down to be sure to agree to the Terms and Conditions by checking the box next to “I have read and agree to these Terms and Conditions” , and click on the button—“I’m ready to create my pages” to continue.

More on Google Pages

By creating an account on Google Pages, you will also have a Google Mail account as well. It is similar to Yahoo mail or MSN Hotmail. If your login name for Google Pages is my_name, then your new email address my_name@gmail.com . You can now access your email at http://gmail.com.

Google Pages is like Microsoft Word, what you see is what you will get on your Web site. So there will be no computer programming involved, and you will not need any previous experience in Web design when you create your own Web site. Using Google Pages, you can create simple Web pages through the Web browser.

The interface is very intuitive. Follow the simple instructions on the Web page, and you are well on your way to have your own Web site. In this guide, I’ll go through a step by step guide to create your multi-page Web site.

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