Importance of Marketing

Why should you have a marketing strategy?

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Marketing involves many aspects of a business. It involves the Four Ps (introduced by E. Jerome McCarthy): Product, Pricing, Promotion, and Placement. Under that approach, a Web site would fall under Promotion. It is important to keep in mind that it only a small part of your marketing strategy. The other parts of marketing is beyond the scope of this guide, please refer to the Wikipedia online article on Marketing.

Traditional Media

What can you do besides having a Web site? Traditional media often involves the word of mouth, or paper materials. Successful marketing strategies in this area include commercials on the radio/TV, advertisements on newspapers, posters, signs, brochures, flyers…The list can go on and on, and ideas for marketing should not be limited to the ones listed here, as sometimes creative marketing ideas can be extremely effective. Do not be discouraged to try new marketing ideas!

The Internet

With the increasing popularity and use of the Internet, it has become almost necessary for anybody, or any organization to have a Web site, so that anyone can easily type in the address in the Web browser, and instantly find information about you or your organization. Having a good Web site can also leave a very good impression on someone about you or your organization.

The Internet has evolved very quickly over the years, and has become more than just a place for simple Web pages. Web sites have become more complex. Examples include, online shopping stores, community forums, blogs, social communities, Web applications. The most important things about having a good Web site is to be savvy about what other Web sites are doing and learn what makes a bad Web site, and what makes a good Web site. Know what the trends are, and take advantage of them as you see fit. In the next few sections, we’ll go through some examples of good and bad Web sites.

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