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So you have a Web site now, what's next?

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Making a Web site can take quite a good amount of your time because you will find yourselves making a lot of revisions and updates along the way. That is the beauty of having a Web site, because an electronic document like a Web site can always be edited and re-published! Expect to spend more time on the Web site regularly. Once your Web site is finished, spend an hour or two (or more, if you like!) each week to update the Web site, or post on your Blog! The upkeep is as important as creating your Web site!

I hope that this tutorial has got you started on a Web site. You may find out that making a Web site isn’t always going to be a smooth ride. Sometimes you may get stuck, but don’t be discouraged. Part of the whole learning process is to know where to get help if you are confused or stuck! One of the ways to get help is to post a message in a public message board to ask for help. Forum etiquette is to post a message that has all the details regarding your problem, and what you are trying to do. Be as clear as possible, it will help others understand your issue, and would better help you get the right solution!

Visit a Google Group for Google Pages:

Google Groups has a community for almost anything you can think of, use it as a resource for other projects you may have! Search the groups by going to

The online community is the best resource you have in getting help. Even if you are not stuck, take the time to browse the latest messages to learn how to do cool new things for your Web site, or read solutions to other people’s posts. When you have gained enough experience, you can even post solutions to other people’s posts!

If you know of someone who wishes to make a Web site—please feel free to pass this guide on. For any questions, you are free to contact me at I would be more than happy to answer any of your questions.


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