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A little bit of background on this guide: I started an international development project when I took a class at MIT called "Wheelchair Design for Developing Countries." Amos Winter, the instructor for the course, found out that many of these workshops in East Africa can benefit from a marketing strategy. So he initiated a marketing project for interested students in the class.

The MIT Public Service Center gave me a grant to support a summer trip to visit various wheelchair workshops to help improve their business plan. Also I hope to teach people on how to make their own Web site, and also to take advantage of new trends on the Web to help market their businesses.

This guide has been written for this fellowship to help those who would like to make a good Web site, but don't have any previous Web design experience. If you are interested in finding out more about this project, visit my blog at http://shirleyfung.wordpress.com

Or alternatively, email me at shirleyf [AT] mit [DOT] edu, or shirley [DOT] mit07 [AT] gmail [DOT] com.


Thanks to the MIT Public Service Center (many thanks to Alison Hynd and Sally Susnowitz) for supporting my project as a fellow to travel to take this guide to Africa. Motivated by Amos Winter and his class on Wheelchair Design for Developing Countries, I was able to get this project started with his help. Also many thanks to my family and my significant other for their support in this project!

Big thanks to Priya Desai for making a great suggestion to use Google Pages. Many many thanks to Dina Poteau for being the best project partner, ever!

There are also many unnamed individuals who have made this possible, especially those who supports the MIT PSC and Wheelchair Design for Developing Countries course, I hereby extend my gratitude for their support.

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3. What Makes a Bad Web Site? (Part One)

4. What Makes a Bad Web Site? (Part Two)

5. What are Some Good Web Sites (Part One)

6. What are Some Good Web Sites (Part Two)

7. What are Some Current Trends?

8. Before You Start Making Your Web Site

9. Let's Make a Web Site (Part One)

10. Let's Make a Web Site (Part Two)

11. Let's Make a Web Site (Part Three)

12. Final Words