How to Make a Web Site at an Internet Cafe!

Learn the basic principles of good Web site design, and get started with making a Web site, with no previous experience required! 

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Having a Web site can allow you to distribute information across the globe without leaving your seat—giving you the ability to disseminate information from one side of the world to the other instantaneously. Your ideas and thoughts can now travel around the world, and anyone can stumble upon them! A Web site can provide a portal for you to communicate with the rest of the world, both in your local community and abroad.

Marketing involves communications. Having a Web Site is only a part of the marketing campaign. There are a lot of things to consider when making a Web site—so that it can generate the most productive and effective result for you.

Don't have much time? But you still want to learn how to make a Web site? Read the condensed guide, and jump right into section 8, "Before You Start Making Your Web Site".

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0. About this Guide

1. Welcome

2. Importance of Marketing

3. What Makes a Bad Web Site? (Part One)

4. What Makes a Bad Web Site? (Part Two)

5. What are Some Good Web Sites (Part One)

6. What are Some Good Web Sites (Part Two)

7. What are Some Current Trends?

8. Before You Start Making Your Web Site

9. Let's Make a Web Site (Part One)

10. Let's Make a Web Site (Part Two)

11. Let's Make a Web Site (Part Three)

12. Final Words