You have a story to tell and would like to write a book! 
You can create and publish your very own book easily and for a very reasonable cost
various print-on-demand web sites.
Two of these are Blurb and
Amazon's CreateSpace***.
On this web site we focus on Blurb.com.

1) Download the Blurb.com  free software (BookSmart®).  It helps put together your book.

2) When the book is done,  upload it to
Blurb.com where you can preview it.
All for absolutely no cost!
  Totally FREE!

3) You only pay when you ask
Blurb.com to print your book. 
AND, you can tell ahead of time what those costs will be.

4) The BookSmart ® program is very intuitive and you will probably need no help in using it. 
However, on this web site you will find short Video Tutorials
that demonstrate how to accomplish each separate step in making your book.

View the ones that meet your needs.
(See Video Tutorials at left.)

5) View a sample of the tutorial videos by clicking HERE.

6) OK, ready to get started?
Click on "Get Started" in the left column.

7) For written instructions on how to do each step,
click on
"Written instructions" in the left column..

We are not associated with Blurb.com or with CreateSpace.com and offer these videos and written instructions solely to help others write and publish their own books.

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