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Below, the album title links will open new windows to Last.fm... [Edit: Unfortunately, it seems the content is no longer there.  You can download selected tracks at the bottom of this page.]

Friends Like These consists of early songs
, conceived and mostly produced between 2000 and 2002. The album title is an homage to Alan Dean Foster's SF short story (one of my faves) and also a pun about my audience at the time. Some of the songs have flashes of beauty and elegance lurking about here and there. Others, well... I've heard worse.

Of note:

Psycho Poodle started out as a lyric idea by my old college BF Steve the Bear. Steve did some of the vocals. The original version was produced in 2001, but I was fortunate to get ?!Charlie to redo the guitar work for me in 2005, hence the "(MMV)" appelation.

Wish They Were Here is one of my all-time favorites. Basically, it's about my mid-life crisis. Talking about some people I knew who were long dead, but a metaphor for all the other people in my life who have drifted away. Gloomer Woop is one of them. I used some audio clips from LONG ago, including many of those aforementioned people as well as my wife Dee-Dee.

That Summer I Learned About Love is more directly personal and less abstract. Not that everything happened just the way it says, but there is quite a bit of autobiography in there. Steve did the bridge vocals.

I'm Just A Robot was a lot of fun but a disappointment to find out that nobody but me could understand the lyrics.  On the Videos page, you can follow the link to the music video on YouTube where there are subtitles.

Grace For Piano And Viola is so pretty I made it into a ringtone for my phone.

Multifractal was done mostly 2003-2005 with one in '06 and one in '08. These are more serious attempts at the real thing - music people might actually want to listen to. The title is from a line in Office Trash: "you've heard them all / but can't recall / my perfect multifractal lies." It refers to some work I did in the real world as well as the eclectic nature of my style which, really, has never settled down. Quite a bit of collaboration going on in this album, too.

Of note:

L'Heure Du Poisson is French for "The Hour of the Fish." The original Dadaist piece, spoken word only, was done in 1976. The mylar tape was digitized and the spoken word recycled into this gem. I believe it might be my best piece, musically, and the saddest part of that is how easily it came together. It's like it's counterproductive to try hard - you get better results just having fun.

DO NOT CALL is noteworthy because all of the vocals came off my answering machine. Of course there was some editing involved. There is also a YouTube music video.

Office Trash is possibly the only track of mine where I actually play a real guitar (and not well).

Holiday For String Theory is featured on the String Theory (software synth) web page and also has a YouTube video.

She's A Geek Freak was a collaboration with Doctroid (read here) and Kiss Me, Cruel FORTRAN (Club Mix) is mostly Doctroid and swt with me adding production values. Read more here. I kind of see the two songs going together.

Moon Goddess is not my usual taste, but Dee-Dee likes Kitaro so I thought I'd do something for her. She liked it.

Waiting for the Voodoo Dolls, though, was a lot of work and I am very proud of it. A LOT of its value comes from ?!Charlie's guitar work, though, so I can't take all the credit myself. Thematic inspiration: I have this recurring dream theme of climbing upwards through a hole in the ceiling, also I have some familiarity with relying on mail order pharmaceuticals to get through the week. Musical inspiration: Porcupine Tree's Blackest Eyes.

Cartelization consists entirely of songs done in collaboration with Interröbang Cartel artists.

Of note:

Schrödinger's Car (Relative State Version) is a remix/remake of the original by Doctroid and ?Charlie, whose guitar riffs miraculously worked well against a completely new percussion line. Originally for House Made Of Awesomeness.

Online Dating was written & directed by Sheryl Zettner, guitar by ?!Charlie, produced and some music credit to me. Also House Made Of Awesomeness.

UK Places With 'Z' In The Name features my BF Steve again as well as IBC'er Madge. Lyrics by Talysman.

The Price of Swedish Glarno based on lyrics by Chuma. Notable: percussion is a highly processed recording of a MagicAire air handler with faulty drive belt. Recorded in 2009. The belt finally broke in May 2013.

Ham Sandwich Digestion Just under the wire completion of the Tribute Album. Doctroid and me.

Plastic Fantastic - A Technopeasant Musical Jacob Haller wrote the short story and made an audiobook out of it. I added the music and sound effects.

Tube of Jam, Mix 1 My entry in the Open Source Jam (which I instigated).

Monkey Origami Lyrics by Talsyman. Music by me & ?!Charlie. Vocals and guitars: ?!Charlie

Washing Crystal Balls Lyrics (mostly) by Talysman.

Rules of Naked Petanque Lyrics mostly by Talysman. Is it real or is it Memorex? No, it's a complete fake.

Rock In My Shoe Lyrics started by "Robot Terri" Willis. Guitars by ?!Charlie. Awesome lead vocal by his daughter Rebecca. She didn't quite sing it the way I wrote the music, but her way is probably better. Inspired by Eclectronica's You and Me. This is probably my last song. At least my last song qua standalone song. It is possible I will create more music for my videos. Or I might veer off into another dimension altogether. But I think I'm done with standalone song production. The ears aren't getting any younger. (Anyone want to buy a pair of JBL LSR4326Ps in mint condition?)

I'm really, really happy with this song and think it is the perfect capstone to my body of work.
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