Personal Note

All of us that knew him are well aware of Ken Rowe's accomplishments as a professional pilot and all, but I'd like to take a moment to speak about the man.  As Ken's Stepson, I've probably had more contact with him over the past 35 years than anybody outside of my Mother.  Despite all he'd done, he was one of the most genuine, humble, down-to-earth and endearing human beings one could ever meet.  I never knew him to be anything less than a true gentlemen at all times, never bragged about his medals & awards, never lost his cool, and seldom even raised his voice.  He had a very endearing quality that drew people towards him, and he always looked for the good in people.  I'm not sure I ever heard him speak in hostility, or speak negatively of others.  Rather than lavishing himself in luxuries, he helped improve the lives of others...both professionally, and personally.  Even during the last days of his final decent, he maintained the dignity & grace that defined his life.  The world is a better place because of people like Kenneth A Rowe.  His love was unconditional, I will forever be indebted.  Take the rest of the day off Sir!

John (Fred) Mertens & Kenneth Rowe - Stuttgart, Germany 1982
Major Kenneth Rowe & John (Fred) Mertens