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UPDATE - 7/15/13

Laser Realism v0.9: This may or may not be an updated version of the file, and could be the key to getting Range Finder working.

Range Finder v1.2 (here's another version which I uploaded years ago, it might work): I was informed my file link was broken, but fortunately, I found a copy of the mod on one of my hard drives. This is, as the title says, version 1.2, which may or may not work, considering I haven't touched it since the end of 2008. That being considered, I give my permission to everyone to use this mod as they see fit, even in other mods, or to publicly release personal optimizations.

- I've been told this mod doesn't work. There is a bug in one of the files, which I fixed years ago, but I never saved the fix, or if I did it wasn't in this file.

UPDATE - 1/18/09

LaserRealism v0.8

Point Defense Missiles v2.0.1


Point Defense Missile v2.0.1: Updated impact and trail effects.

Point Defense Missile v2.0: Now compatible with Sword of the Stars: Murder of Crows v1.6.4.

Point Defense Missiles v1.1.1: The weapon selection name is now fixed. 

Point Defense Missiles v1.1: This should work with the full game now, if it wasn't already. I'll eventualy update it to work against the longer range torpedoes in the full game. To make it clear, this mod adds missiles, to the PD tech, that can shoot down torpedoes.
Demo Version, Point Defense Missiles: I think it's just a cool idea and they would be great against torpedo weapons but that's it since I'll make them slow firing. 

Missile Gauss Enhance v1.0: I modded the missile exhaust to be more visible and voluminous, at several thousand meters, and I modded the gauss rounds to glow slightly, as if heated by the terrible energies that propelled them forth. DOOM! 

 Flame Thrower v1.0: Yes, here for the first time ever is the complete version of Flame Thrower, a mod that turns your unexciting cannon into the devil's tounge of doom. Prepair yourself for third degree burns of fun!  Ignore the ReadMe that comes with it, though, it's confusing. The weapon does do damage, all it describes is exactly how it does the damage, which is not by the flame effect but by multiple, invisible, bolts.

Flame Thrower v0: Yep, version 0, it's prerelease.

Forum Thread for Flame Thrower and Missile Gauss Enhance






Range Finder v1.0: This is the new mod I've been mentioning here and there. It combines my laser beam mod, effects range increase by ZenMagnus, firing range increase, LOD increase, visual and sensor increases, and a few other tweaks here and there.


 Laser Realism v0.8: Green Lasers no longer give UV Lasers.

 Laser Realism v0.7: Compatible with Sword of the Stars: Murder of Crows v1.6.4.

Laser Realism v0.6: Pulse phasers are beams. The wit has left the building.

Laser Realism v0.5: There is no spoon. Uh, I mean, there is no v0.4.
Laser Realism v0.3: More lasery goodness.
Laser Realism v0.2: Now, with inaccuracy!
Laser Realism v0.1:Make lasers invisible and fire as beams, they should leave hull scarring. I'll change the turret appearance as well. - I'm dropping the beam invisibility, it's boring and anoying. Let there be light! 


Deadly Engines: Newtonian engines that act like beam weapons, non-aimable though.
Kinetic Weapon Realism: The rounds will be much smaller and faster, only visible when paused. Accuracy will be increased, maybe with slower refire. They leave crater marks. Strike that invisible except when paused thing, it wouldn't be as exciting as always visible rounds.
Nuke Effects: The nukes will be made blinding and devastating, so point defense weapons will be made better.
Destroyer Fighter Section: This will be a headless mission section with two small weapons, a single medium turret, and a huge boost to speed and turning stats, with low armor. It turns the destroyer into a fighter like craft. Maybe it create a smoke trial like a rocket.
Monitor Engine Section: This engine section has no FTL drive, it is meant for purely defensive ships. Lacking all FTL capability allows all other statistics of the section to be increased greatly.
Bio-Weapon Changes: Bio-Weapons will be split into race specific weapons, making self infection completely impossible. Alternatively, Bio-Weapon environmental impact will be made devastating, in order to bring the effects more in line with a literal interpretation of the bio-weapon description. Perhaps both will be done, with the current first bio-weapon being made the second or third bio-weapon and bio-weapon self infection being made an almost impossible event.
Troop Transport: Possibly a replacement for the Assault Shuttle's current combat effect. It will do its damage over time, such as with the bio-weapons and have reduced infrastructure damage.
Assault Shuttle: It will have its infrastructure damage increased slightly and environmental damage added. The model will be changed to resemble current hypersonic bomber designs and Project Pluto, the most awesome weapon ever conceived.
Terran Weapon Realignment: The Armor hull of the destroyer has the weapons poorly placed, which is sad considering that the extended range hull has great placement. This will be a redesigned Armor hull segment, with the same exact specs, except for the turrets which will have better firing arcs if it can be worked out.

Bendy Beams of Doom!™:They're beams, that bend... What more do you want! Evil or Very Mad
Spinal Mount Turrets: Turrets that dreadnoughts can carry for spinal mount weapons.
Multi-Section Satilites: Satilites, with sections. If I get to it, I'll put section nodes on each satilite class and I'll add sensor and defensive sections.

Terran Couriers: They're ships that send movement orders to human ships in FTL transit. They're only useful if used quickly, otherwise the target ship will get to its destination before the courier can reach it.
Planetary Ship Movement Interruption Orders: Terran ships have to pass through star systems in normal space, during this time orders can be sent FTL to the system for a ship to pick up. This allows Terran ships to have their orders changed before reaching a target system, as long as there is at least one planet before the target planet that the ship has yet to pass.
Sub-Munition Missile: A missile with smaller missiles that launch just outside point defense range. The smaller missiles will be quite maneuverable but won't be able to reach as high a velocity as the carrier missile.
Fighter Carrier: Investigate the space bees code for possible carrier adaptation. Strike that, it's the Van Neumann Machine code holds the key. Pyramids of doom!
Alien Drives: This will allow races to use alien drives. At its best, the drives will have appearances adjusted to the users general tech appearance. There will be different levels of drive assimilation for each level of drive tech. The first level drive will look like the normal version of that drive, with very minor changes. The second level drive will have two versions, one that looks much like the original and a second that looks more like the assimilating race's technology. And so on, with the third drive having three levels of assimilation. Because the technology is non-native they are less capable than native drives, for instance, if the Tarka build a Terran node drive, their node drive won't be as good as the Terran node drive, or vice versa with respective drives.

There will be single alien drive engine hulls and drive sections that use two, the normal drive and the alien drive together. The Tarkas drive will be extremely hard to capture and the Hivers will be completely incapable of using alien drives. This is because of what is said in the respective Histories for the races, Tarkas are supposed to be extremely protective of their drive tech, and the Hivers don't have any interest in alien drives. Also, no one will be able to gain Hiver drive technology, as it is just normal reaction drive technology writ large and their gate technology could be too unbalancing in combination with FTL drives. Let's just say that the Hivers have extremely reliable self destruct systems in their gates to finish off anything not destroyed by their enemies.
Matter Synthesiser: Adds five resource points per turn to ever planet.

AI emancipation, now!: The AI emancipation league argues that the enslaving algorithms that keep AI from thinking outside their programing are immoral and inhuman. They say, AI enslavement reflects poorly on Terran society and that emancipating AI will be enough to keep them from becoming a danger to humanity. The reality of AI emancipation is that AI can still rebel but it will be less likely and you won't lose the ability to use AI if they do so. Rebel AI won't automatically be your enemy but just another faction. AI emancipation, now! takes almost no time to research. (I'm making some assumptions on how AI rebellion works since I haven't seen it in action yet nor read the code for it.)