The Vampire Prince of Italy 

                                                 @copyright  Jean G Hontz 2005

Other Tales of the 

The Council of European Vampire Princes

1. The Fatal Charm of Italy : being a more recent story of the Council of Vampire Princes

2. Of Consorts and Cabals:  a look at the Council through the eyes of the Prince of France

 3. A Special Meeting of the Council - the story of an attempt to unseat a Prince

4.  A Loom of Years - the  story of the Vampire Prince of  Britain etc 

5. A Prince of the Blood - the story of the Vampire Prince of France

6. Man Behaving Badly - What is a Prince to do when someone else's Consort insists on misbehaving.

7.  The Masque is the Thing - the foundations of the War of the Roses 

8. War of the Roses - Italy was not involved.

9. Adventures in Decorating - how the Prince of France meets the Mage Julian Vaurien.

10. Duel - Italy vs Spain - it is never a good idea to insult a Prince - even if the one doing the insulting is another Prince.


The Personal and Private Autobiography of the Vampire Prince of Italy

this is a rewrite of a nano novel I wrote