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Is a Spada fan. Can't you tell? :p

I finally claimed Spada!

Claims (Serebii Forums)

  • song: Ring a Bell - Bonnie Pink
  • celebrity: Adrian Pasdar, Yuji Ueda
  • shippings: Comashipping (Shinji/Paul x Satoshi/Ash), Abilityshipping (Satoshi/Ash x Lila/Anabel), Ricardo Soldato x Spada Belforma, Spada Belforma x Meredy, Hasta Ekstermi x Ricardo Soldato x Spada Belforma, Spada Belforma x Cisqua, Spada Belforma x Rita Mordio
  • video game: Tales of Innocence
  • video game character: Spada Belforma (Tales of Innocence)

Claims (Tales Namco Forums)

  • Spada's beret
  • Spada's Shinretsusenkouzan (Hi-Ougi)
  • Spada's house in Naohs
  • Ricardo Soldato x Spada Belforma
  • KOKIA (singer)
  • Tales of Innocence's opening
  • Yuji Ueda
  • Ricardo's bayonet
  • Omi Minami
  • Spada's backstory
  • Hasta Ekstermi x Spada Belforma
  • Spada's clothes
  • Ange's necklace
  • Tales of Innocence's ending
  • Iria's "Converse" Shoes
  • Ricardo's acrophobia (scared of heights)
  • Spada's overall pervertedness
  • Spada's Shinretsusenkouzan Cut-In
  • Ricardo's Endless Tragedy Cut-In
  • Spada's inner Ricardo fanboyism
  • Ange's cynophobia (scared of dogs)
  • Hypnos
  • Hasta's creepy yet epic speech style
  • Belforma Family's 5 Codes of Knighthood
  • Hartman
  • Spada's eyes
  • Gae Bolg
  • Tyson
  • "In Spada's gravemarker reads: 'Here lies a pervert'"
  • Grigoris
  • Spada's dislike/embarrassment of being called an obocchama/young master
  • Tales of Innocence Drama CD Vol. 1
  • Spada's character design
  • Rita's Burst Arte Mystic Drive
  • Demon Spear/Majin Senkuuha


  • profile picture/avatar: Me... x_x;
  • banner: Azure Wolf


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