Arub Dalal - Designing creative masterpieces for the beautiful dancer in you!  

**Photo of Diane Adam's fabulous costumes will be up soon!**
I have so enjoyed wearing Arub Dalal’s creations.  She has innovative ideas, everything is made well, and she is quick and responsive.  This is rare!  The costume makers I’ve previously dealt with have not honored my design requests, and have taken close to one year to get something back to me with no word on progress.  Arub Dalal is a shining star in the world of costume makers.  She really makes a difference! 
~ Diane Adams, Director of Company Mezza


 Photos by Jeff Brown

 Arub Dalal creates custom costuming that is to die for. She has a wonderful eye and is committed to making dancers look their very best. No matter what the dance style, Arub's design sense offers a direct line to express your creativity.

~ Mahsati Janan, North Carolina www.mahsati-janan.com


Photos by Mickey Rountree

 Amberetta is wearing two layers of Flutters, top layer is original Flutter design complete with lacing that is coordinated with Flutter pants as a base. Original design by Arub Dalal. 

"I just love my Flutter pants that Arub Dalal made for me! She did an excellent job giving me exactly what I asked for in the design, as well as ensuring a proper fit. She's the best!



Majida Anwar performing in tribal bra and two layer panel skirt at TribalCon 2008 Saturday Show

As a dancer with a larger frame and body, tasteful costuming is a must. Arub has designed and made me what I like to 
call the “Cadillac” of tribal bras! She was very thoughtful of the fit, design, and care for the bits to go on the bra. Being in 
the Awalim dance company that performs often, a bra that can last is what I need to count on. Every time I put on my bra from 
Arub Dalal, I can be rest assured that I am wearing comfort, support, and style! 

~Majida Anwar www.majidaanwar.com
Awalim Dance Company
Atlanta, Georgia

Inara is wearing a hand beaded and fitted bra and belt set and is dancing with hand-dyed veil by Arub Dalal. 

"Arub made this bedlah (bra and belt set) for me and I couldn’t be happier. As a restaurant dancer who dances often and energetically, I need costumes that are durable and fit well. I love the set because it mixes and matches with all sorts of skirts and pants. Thanks Arub"

~ Inara 
Professional Performer and Director of Hip Chics Belly Dance Troupe
Marietta, GA

Julena modeling her "Endless Wave" Harem pants by Arub Dalal

"Arub Dalal is – without a doubt – one of the best designers and seamstresses I’ve ever met. I have been sewing for many 
decades and won two professional design contests – but would rather pay her to make something spectacular – 
because she is the VERY BEST! Everything she sews is perfection. Her handwork is better than anything I’ve seen in 
Egypt. Each sequin is hand-sewn on four sides so it won’t catch on anything. She has an eye for color. I am THRILLED 
with the “Endless Wave” harem pants she made for me. Each wave has sequins on both sides of the edge, and 
she changed the sequin color when the variegated fabric changed color. She made a hip scarf for me with the most 
amazing hand-made, bugle-beaded five-inch fringe – and I’ve never seen anything to equal it. I’m happy to recommend 
her work to anyone."

~Julena, Director
Dancers of the Harem
Marietta, GA

Gina modeling her new costume from Arub Dalal with bra, belt, skirt and matching vest (not shown)

"Fellow dancers, I am proud to display in my latest photos the beautiful creation of Arub Dalal. As you 
can see, my dance costume is beautiful and very well made. Arub Dalal works with you to help you create the 
costume you have always imagined and is very detailed with her work. All beads are hand sewn and she is 
very skilled, she even hand cut a pattern specifically to my size. Arub Dalal does wonderful work!"

~ Gina, Atlanta, GA

"I received a custom bra from Arub Dalal . It is a great favorite of mine. It has withstood many performances and still 
looks great. I get compliments on it, every time I wear it. Maybe it looks, too good! Friends are asking to borrow it. 
(I'm not sharing my new favorite.) Thanks Arub Dalal for making a wonderful, quality piece that's comfortable & admired 
by other dancers."

~Nuray Rya, Texas

"Patti's work is of exceptionally high quality and she puts great attention into the fine details; these are pieces that will 
last for many years! I have several of her pieces and have been very impressed with her workmanship and the originality 
of her designs."

~ Seliha, Georgia
"I have several of Arub Dalal's hip scarves. The quality is amazing. Beautiful choice of fabrics, beads coins and such. They are truly works of art. Each one is different and unlike anything you will ever see in the row in front of you at a seminar. Since she is a dancer herself, she pays attention to little details that make them a pleasure to wear. I cannot brag on her enough. If you are thinking about one of her creations, jump in you won't be sorry."

~Yamenah, Knoxville Tennessee