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Here's how to have your product 

featured on our blog!

  • Please submit a sample of your product.  We're sorry, but we cannot return your sample once it has been submitted to The Cheezits. Our human doesn't make a penny from our blog--everything goes towards pet rescue and adoption efforts--so the postage becomes prohibitive. That means she can't afford it!
  • If you offer a service rather than a product, please provide the link to your "about us" section in your inquiry email so we can research it thoroughly and write an informed post for you.
  • Once your post is up on the site (usually about a week to ten days from the day we receive your product or inquiry, we are very timely!), we will send you a permalink to the post for your use. Feel free to use this in promotional or marketing material for your product.
  • We also offer contests and product giveaways on The Cheezits! Our readers love contests! 
  • Want to sponsor a contest or giveaway? First, thank you in advance on behalf of our readers! Here's how it works: we will set up the giveaway or contest and take care of promoting it for you. Once a winner has been chosen, The Cheezits will forward the winner's address to you, so you can ship the prize directly to him/her.  We have found that, in the past, giveaways are very beneficial for all involved!

THANK YOU for reviewing our guidelines! Please contact The Cheezits human, Viv, for information on where to send your submission for review.