StorrmyZ Dezert Sunn

(Ravenwood Zaim x Storrmy Surprise)

2001 DNA-tested Homozgous Recessive

        Liver Chestnut Stallion

AT STUD--Live Cover ($500) plus

       AI or Transported Semen ($750--

       includes first shipment)--Special

         Discount for Sahanad Preservation mares




We call him Junior because he looked like Daddy Z when he was born.  But 15 minutes after he entered the world, SURPRISE, Storrmy laid back down and out came his twin sister, "StorrmyZ Angel" and the trial began.  Jr was small but normal-sized while Angel was about half-sized.  I spent the first four days of his life trying to save his little sister while Joel took care of Storrmy and Jr and the others at home--Jr didn't have a chance to be imprinted.  At the end of that 4 days, I was heart-broken, exhausted, and heart-sick.  The preservation part of my heart had wanted a filly and now I had lost another!  (Storrmy had aborted "StorrmyZ Bayleah" the year before at 9 months gestation when a uterine infection flared up and gave the baby pnuemonia in utero.  Oh, and Storrmy was supposed to be homozygous black, by the old test, and I had TWO chestnuts at this foaling--another surprise!)  That winter I had a surgery and found out another reason why I had so much trouble caring for Angel and him.  I was never able to train him before he matured.  As a result, he had a rougher start that I would have chosen.

Jr was darling and ever so cute!  He was truly his mother's son! 

We called him "the-horse-of-many-colors" because his color kept changing whenever a new coat came in.  He has finally settled into a dark liver chestnut all year long (but with almost bay markings every winter--"a dorsal stripe", black-tipped ears, and black knees and hocks) and three colors (flaxen, black, and liver chestnut) in his mane and tail. (Before I registered him, I had to have my "bay-nut" DNA tested to find out which color he really was.)  He loves attention and showing off.  He truly believes he is God's gift to the mares! 

At first I registered him as StorrmyZ Ibn Zaim--close to Jr in Arabian horse names, but I really didn't like it.  Three years later, his full-sister was born and Joel came up with Dezert Doll for her.  At last!  I knew what his name should be--StorrmyZ Dezert Sunn.  Finally, a name that matched him!!!  We still call him Jr most of the time, but Sunny Boy enters in from time to time. 

Jr is what Parelli folks would call the Left-Brained Extrovert--very self-confident, easily bored, and definitely super-intelligent. (The woman with him in the second row of pictures is a friend of mine doing Parelli with him.)  He loved the laidback style of Parelli and we now are doing so much better! 

Jr left for training again in May 2009--just a few miles away and on the way to and from visiting my family and working.  This time we are building upon what we learned from his Parelli-style training.  He has finally remembered everything he ever forgot and doing so very well, as well as learning new things!  It is so very much fun to be with him as he is learning. 

Jr has come home from training for a bit--until after breeding season.  Then he is going to be trained to use the phantom so that he can be collected for AI and transported semen.  Unfortunately, it won't happen in time to use him at stud for a 2010 foal.  I can't believe I still have to keep waiting for one of his foals!!!

Training has helped him and I have a good relationship at home with him being so well behaved and listening better.

HE WILL NEVER LEAVE ME!  Watch out, World, here he comes!