Storrmy Surprise

(El Ad Bataa x Aziza Mona Lisa)
1994 Bay Mare


My first husband didn't like the idea of moving out-of-town to a farm, and so it wasn't until after he died from cancer that I got to seriously consider it.  I had started looking at horses, but hadn't found one I really liked well enough to consider moving.  When the new 1994 Mustangs came out, I ordered one in the purple color that year-CC Iris.  I had had my new sporty car for 11 days and hadn't taken it on a "drive" until THAT DAY.  It was on April 4, 1994, that I saw a sign for an Arabian horse farm and found Hi Power Farm during my explorations.  MY LIFE CHANGED FOREVER THAT DAY!!!

Robin Howard and the boys were just coming back to the house when I got there.  NO HORSES WERE FOR SALE--IT DIDN'T MATTER HOW MUCH I WAS WILLING TO PAY!!!  But there was this one VERY pregnant grey mare due in 3-4 weeks and that foal was for sale.  No, nobody had spoken for it--I DID.  (Robin thought she had met someone who was crazy--how right she was!  And that she would never see me again--wrong!)  I called my dad that night and told him to "guess what!?!?!"--only my dad knew that I had found a horse, or at least horse-to-be.  The next day, I called him back and apologized for not wishing him "Happy Birthday" on the 4th.  He laughed with me--it was a special day for him, too. 

I was about to give up 3 and a half weeks later when I was awakened by a phone call.  The mare had surprised Robin by foaling during the thunderstorm that morning, with no warning.  I was there 45 minutes later--it only took 35 minutes to drive there.  Oh, my!!!  MY OWN LITTLE ARABIAN FOAL FROM THE MOMENT SHE WAS BORN (or almost that moment)!!!  Well, needless to say, I was over there every day.  Storrmy and I would go for long walks and leave Mommy Mona in the stall to eat in peace.  Storrmy was halter-broke by three weeks old.  I named her after Misty of Chincoteague's Stormy, another horse I had grown up loving.  And she was such a surprise--a filly, coming without any warning, and BAY!

I bought a place for us and she moved in with me when she was 5 months old.  I took her for training at 14 months and had a hard time keeping up with all she was learning.  At three years old, I was able to climb on top and we were off on our first trail ride 5 minutes later. 

She had her first foal two weeks before I was ready--it happened in the muddy pen where I had kept her so she didn't get fescue poisoning.  (It didn't take me long to get them into a clean dry stall.)  She had laid in the mud herself so baby Lightning Storrm was born on the hay from the big round bale.  She screamed when she aborted "Bayleah" two years later, and I ran to her and cried with her.  She woke me up, knowing things weren't right and trusting me to make it all okay, before she foaled with the twins the following year and told me "Angel" was mine because she wouldn't make it.  When Dolly was born another three years later, she told me that I had had nothing to worry about and all would be well.  When she went to be bred to Shahleah's sire, they had so much fun that they were the talk of the farm--for three cycles before she got pregnant.  When I went to get her, she told me that I had to bring "her" little pony in the pen next to her.  And now with Shahleah, she has been the best mama ever and teaching her daughter to do everything she does.  (I think that is so delightfully wonderful!) 

Storrmy is my soulmate!  There are so many stories about us that they could never all be told, but I never have any trouble talking about her.  It is difficult for me to spell "stormy" the normal way any more.  Almost everything I do is for her (she gave me new purpose after Ed died from his cancer) and the future of her family.

Storrmy is the prettiest horse I have!  I can't take my eyes off of her when she's strutting her stuff--kind a predicament when one is supposed to be photographing ALL of the horses. 

I can't believe my Storrmy is almost 20 years old!!!  It seems like we have just begun our life together.  Her mama lived to almost 30 and how I hope my darling lives that long, too.  How I cherish my gift from God!!!

(I revisited this page to see if it needed to be revised like the others, but I've already said it--no revision needed.)